Jackson High School

Class of 1961


55th Reunion

June 3rd & 4th, 2016

JHS 50th Reunion Planning Meeting Updates

Meeting 10/20/11


Classmates Attending:


Bruce Herron            Jim Matthews

Don Whitmire           Charlotte Hammond

De Rust                     Don Leggett

Bill Barnes                Winston Woodard

Jim Warmbrod           Barbara Farmer

Jo Butler                    Jon Butler



We received a thank you and gift acknowledgment from Bitsy Woodson's daughter for our memorial to the Cypress United Methodist Cemetery Fund in Bitsy's name.  We also received a thank you/gift acknowledgment from the "Give Kids the World" organization which was Mike Meeks charity of choice.


Next Tuesday evening at 5:00 PM a group of alumni from Jackson High are meeting at the Old Jackson High School, now Madison Academic Academy, to discuss the possibility of having a joint reunion with all JHS classes. The meeting organizers would like for representatives from as many classes as possible to attend.  Barbara Farmer plans to attend from our group and welcomes anyone else from the group to join her.


The next meeting of our group will be January 19, 2012.  We are skipping meetings in November and December for the holidays.



After these brief items we dined and discussed current television fare and the usual general interest areas for the group. For those that tarried even later the conversation turned toward the locations of certain places of exotic entertainment existing in our particular coming of age era of Jackson's past.  


Remember, what is said in Baudo's, stays in Baudo's.  Come to our next meeting in January if you have anything to add.  The more the merrier.

Meeting 9/29/11


Classmates Attending:


Phil Sims                    Jimmy Akin

Marie Law                 Tupi Shute

Barbara Farmer          George Esch

Jimmy Arnold             Jimmy Matthews

Judith Kirkland           Jeanie Todd

Charlotte Hammond    Jo Butler

Bill Barnes                  Don Whitmire

Bobby Eason               Lynn Leeman



Tupi Shute was a welcome addition to our group this session.  We hope that she will join us again in the future.  Judith Kirkland lived up to her promise and returned to see us.  Barbara passed around a card to Ray Woodson from the group.  A number of reunion feedback questionnaires have been returned, and they were available for anyone who wanted to see them. All questionnaires returned to date have been favorable.  There was a paper copy of the Best Times bio on Becky Wilson for those who hadn't seen the link on this web site. Winston Woodard gave  a rave review and outline of the Pigeon Forge outing.  Don Whitmire and Bill Barnes supported his statement that everyone that attended had a great time and wanted to have a similar mini-reunion again. Do you hear that, Jerry Bishop?  The next meeting will be Thursday, Oct 20 at Baudo's, 5:00 PM.  We plan to skip meetings the month of November and December to allow more family time around the holidays.

Jimmy Akin, Marie Law, Tupi Shute, Barbara Farmer
Barbara Farmer and Don Whitmire
Judith Johnston Kirkland

 August 25 Meeting


Classmates attending:


Judith Johnston Kirkland         Marie Law

Jo Butler                                  Barbara Farmer

Bruce Herron                           Jimmy Akin

George Esch                            Don Whitmire

Jim Warmbrod                         Bill Barnes

Joe Hammonds                        Bobby Eason


Since our last meeting we lost two highly valued class members. Mike Meeks passed away on July 25 and Bitsy Woodson lost her battle with cancer on Aug. 19. The class will send memorials to their designated charities.  We spread the word of these sad events to those classmates that we had listed as having Email accounts. If you were missed please contact us. In addition to the two classmates, Don Leggett lost his mother last Sunday, Aug 21.


On a brighter note, Judith Kay Johnston Kirkland attended this meeting.  She has been staying mainly at her place on Kentucky Lake and taking it easier. It has been ages since most of us had seen her, so there was a lot of catching up with her. She promised us that she would be back.


We discussed sending out a reunion feedback questionnaire.  Most of you should be receiving one by Email very shortly. US mail may take slightly longer.  We value your opinion, so tell us what went right and how we can improve the next event.  It may be a long while before we attempt anything as big as the 50th again, but as long as classmates continue to show up, we'll do our part.

Jo Butler, Barbara Farmer, George Esch, Don Whitmire
Judith Kirkland, Bobby Eason (foreground) Bruce Herron, Jimmy Akin (background)
Jo, Barbara, George
July 17 Post-Reunion Meeting

Classmates attending:

Joe Hammond                    Marie Law
Lanier James                      Bobby Brasfield
Phil Sims                            Lynn Leeman
Bill Barnes                         Jimmy Akin
Jim Warmbrod                   Winston Woodard
Bruce Herron                     George Esch
Charlotte Hammond          Jeanie McGee
Jim Matthews                     Don Whitmire
Barbara Farmer                  Bobby Eason
De Rust                              Bill Flake
Joe Ward

The suggestion was made and agreed to that we would attempt to send out emails in addition to postings on the web site on matters of general concern to the class.
The class of 1960 seems to be setting an example in this area that those attending wanted to follow.

August 1 is the deadline for renewing the current web site with Network Solutions. We voted to fund the web site for an additional year.  Bill Barnes will continue his support role and Don Whitmire will continue to feed him ideas about what to do.  Joe Ward will disassociate himself from web ownership for the Class of 1961.

Lanier James announced that the reunion video is close to completion.  It should be ready in a few weeks. An "anonymous donor" is furnishing the labor, materials and distribution expense. We had decided to mail the DVD to all class members that we have addresses for at no cost to the class.  We will accept nominal donations from anyone that would like to help the class, but the intent is to show how much fun class get togethers can be, and to encourage people to attend future class events.  We now have enough seed money left in the bank account to start planning the next event when one is decided on. The opinion was expressed that too much money in the account could possibly lead to dissention.  A reunion survey is in the works and could be included with the DVD mail out for those that did attend. 

The Jackson High School Golden Bear that debuted at the reunion is available if we would like to use it in any way to raise money.

If you haven't seen Charlotte's interpretation of "She's Got You" on YouTube try copy and pasting the link:
If you need a live link, email Bill Barnes at bxbintn@aol.com.

Bobby Brasfield spoke briefly to the group about the idea of an alumni association made up of all Jackson High School graduating classes. He has done some research, and does not believe this has been done by the classes before the Jackson High became Jackson Central Merry High School. He had previously written an email suggesting this proposal to the people attending the planning meetings for our reunion.  Contact would have to be made with all, or as many of the classes, as possible.  This will take a tremendous organizational effort.  If anyone in our class has a desire to be involved in this effort, or has any suggestions on getting the various classes involved please discuss it with Bobby.  Joe Ward thinks some effort may have been made in this direction before and suggested that Margaret (Barfield) Rucker from the class of 1960 might have some knowledge about what, if anything, had been accomplished.  Bobby's vision for a alumni association would include forming a non-profit organization for raising scholarship money for graduates of Madison Academic Academy.

De Rust asked all class members present to be at the hanging of our class composite photo at the old Jackson Junior High School if possible.  Jackson Jr. High on Deaderick Street is now an upscale apartment complex renovated by John Allen. He has agreed to house and care for old Jackson High composites. This publicity event will take place next Thursday at 3:00 PM.  Our class with be the first to hang their group composite at this site. George Esch has agreed to safely escort our picture from Moore's to its future home.

We expect an invitation to the class of 1960's 70th birthday event next year. This will be a unique event with several classes helping celebrate.  It is being planned with a cooler month (Sept. or October) in mind.

We voted on whether to move the location of our monthly meetings.  The majority voted to stay at Baudo's for the time being.

The next meeting will be at Baudo's, August 25 at 5:00 PM.
Bobby Brasfield Shares His Vision of a JHS Alumni Association
Lanier James Shares a Story With Don Whitmire and Jimmy Akin
June 16 Post-Reunion Meeting

Classmates attending:

Jimmy Arnold                  George Esch
Bailey Patterson              Barbara Hinton Farmer
Bruce Herron                   De Smith Rust
Winston Woodard            Bitsy Wyatt Woodson
Don Whitmire                  Charlotte Hammond
Marie Alexander Law      Joe Hammonds
Ann Pearson McLemore  Jo Wood Butler
Lanier James                     Bobby Eason
Lynn Leeman                    Bill Barnes

The first post-reunion meeting was well attended.  Everyone expressing an opinion was pleased with the way this reunion went, and how it compared with previous reunions.  Barbara thanked everyone on the committee for their contributions.  A feedback questionnaire to be mailed to attendees was brought up, but the form and specific questions had not been decided. Several classmates have already sent emails with suggestions for possible future class functions.  A few of the ideas were a 70th birthday celebration, various combination celebrations with other JHS graduation years, smaller group socializations in other cities where there are concentrations of classmates, a cruise, an event held at a state park, etc.  Whatever we decide, we have assurances that Jerry Bishop wants to be counted in. George Esch called for a show of hands on how frequently we thought we should have reunions.  A clear majority of those present favored every two years over every five years.

Bruce Herron passed out a financial accounting for the monetary receipts and expense payments for this reunion.  The final charge for the DoubleTree was included.  All major expenses associated with this reunion have been paid and we now have a positive balance in the class bank account.  Rejoice!  In addition to a memorable two days spent reuniting ourselves, we were successful from a financial viewpoint also.  We paid for the fully restored class composite photo that was displayed at the reunion out of the proceeds.  It is now at Moore studio ready to be hung at the "Old Jackson Jr. High School" apartment development.

Lanier James and his professional videographer attended this meeting along with their equipment. One of Lanier's numerous contributions to the class, the 50 Year Reunion DVD, is in the works.  His original concept was to furnish us with a video that could be used by the class as we saw fit.  It could be sold for a nominal price to classmates as a fundraiser, given as a memento to attendees, or even furnished to classmates who were unable to attend as an incentive to attend our next reunion.  Lanier is estimating at least 4 weeks of editing and production time before the DVD will be ready for proofing and distribution. We were shown some raw camera footage as a sample.  Besides sharing information on the project, one of his goals was to record one-on-one personal reflections on the reunion with everyone willing to participate.  Everyone in attendance was given an opportunity to express what was in their hearts for the record.

The next meeting was scheduled for July 21 at Baudo's.
May 27 Planning Meeting

Classmates attending:

Bruce Herron                  Barbara Farmer
Don Whitmire                 Dee Rust
Jeanie Todd                     Bill  Barnes
Jo Butler                          Charlotte Hammond
Winston Woodard           Jim Warmbrod
Jim Matthews                  George Esch
Jimmy Arnold                  Lynn Leeman
Ann McLemore               Bailey Patterson
Don Leggett                     Bobby Eason

Dee Rust is our "go to" person if anyone has any special requirements from the DoubleTree. If we need any special equipment, etc. tell her what the need is and let her be the single point of contact.  Our meeting rooms on Saturday night will be in the Andrew Jackson Salons at the DoubleTree.  There are three. The exact combination will depend on the final attendance numbers we ask them to make allowance for. Friday night will be in the ballroom.

Friday's schedule is very flexible.  It is meet a greet with a short skit or skits, probably around 7:00 PM.
We discussed a time line for the Saturday evening events. During the first part of the evening we will show projected digital photos taken on Friday night and Saturday morning.  Don expects to kick off the Saturday evening program around 7:30 PM.  Our formal meal is scheduled for 6:30-7:30 PM.  The program will consist of introductory remarks, presentations of awards, a brief photo memorial tribute for our deceased and an "open mike" time when any classmate wishing to express an opinion, tell a joke, share a fun remembrance will have an opportunity. The Delacardos will present a short musical program.  Before turning the program over to our DJ around 8:30 or 9:00 PM we will all sing the  JHS Alma Mater. Bill Way will be interviewing classmates with a videographer before and after the formally planned program.  There will also be ample opportunity for our professional to video reunion events for the video disk at any time the interviews are not being taped.  This would just depend on how much of his time Lanier James has scheduled.

For the Saturday morning "Dutch Treat" at the Old Country Store we are expecting Buddy Patey, Virginia Hudson, and Edyth Worthy.

The school bus is still slated to leave the DoubleTree at 11:30 AM.  A list of potential sites to visit was developed for the driver.  Most of the remaining elementary schools were included. The route and time schedule will have to be left to the driver.  The only definite stop was to be our old campus.  JHS aka Madison Academic will be the final bus stop at 1:00 PM. The doors will be opened and you may poke around inside. The bus holds 48 people.  If that capacity is filled we need to carpool and follow the bus or arrange to arrive at JHS at 1:00 to be admitted.

George Esch shared information with the group that our reunion coincides with a "huge" motorcycle rally in addition to the annual Blues Fest. There exists a potential for large crowds of bikes and bikers.

We voted to not have a press conference and presentation of the restored Class of 1961 class composite on Saturday morning.  We wanted to keep the composite at the reunion activities and felt that a press conference at this time would take away from reunion time.  It will be permanently housed in the refurbished "Old Jr. High School" after the reunion.

Jimmy Arnold volunteered to pick up a helium tank for the class balloons.  Jimmy Warmbrod volunteered to pick up the Chamber of Commerce "freebies".

Don Leggett has volunteered to be the school bus monitor.  Please refrain from horseplay and give Don your full cooperation if you take the bus tour.

May 12 Planning Meeting


Classmates attending:


Don Whitmire                Bruce Herron

Winston Woodard          Don Leggett

Jim Warmbrod               Dee Rust

Jeanie Todd                    Barbara Farmer

Bobby Eason                  Bill Barnes

Joe Ward ('60)

Don Whitmire was seeking to firm up plans for Friday night's order of fun in the area of timing of events and volunteers.  On a serious note we plan to have a very short memorial for our deceased classmates.
Don had been in contact with Dick Bruer who had planned to attend this meeting from his home in Alabama.  Dick's wife had a retirement party that precluded him from attending. Dick lives in an area that was hit by the violent storms, but luckily his family only suffered the inconvenience of power failure and loss of refrigerated foods.
Due to an increase in the cost of school buses we decided to cut back to one bus.  Also, we moved the timing of the bus trip to immediately following the Saturday morning Dutch treat at the Old Country Store.  Reservations for the bus will be on a first come, first served sign up basis on Friday night.  We will have to arrange carpools to follow the bus if there are not enough available seats.
Lanier James has commissioned the design of a 50-Year Reunion logo for our event.  He will furnish napkins and cups and a souvenir CD with the songs of our era. He also volunteered to bring a videographer with him to record a video of the event.  If anyone has an image of the "Golden Bear" please contact one of the planners.
Former teachers, plus Buddy Patey, will be invited to the Friday night and Saturday morning  events.
The next planning meeting will be Thursday, May 26, at 6:00 at Baudo's.  This may be the final full meeting before reunion day.  The remaining days are now few.

April 28 Planning Meeting

Classmates attending:

Bailey Patterson                      Don Leggett
Bill Barnes                              Charlotte Hammond
Don Whitmire                         Bruce Herron
Jo Butler                                  Jon Butler
Barbara Farmer                       Dee Rust
Winston Woodard                   Jim Matthews
Joe Hammonds                        George Esch
Jimmy Arnold                          Ann McLemore
Jeanie Todd                              Bobby Eason

We have approximately 5 weeks until the reunion.  The countdown time is shortening.

George Esch volunteered to pick up our restored class composite picture from Moore's Studio and transport it to the DoubleTree on the first day of the reunion.

We're going forth with plans to publish a mini-Tatler booklet using the quote from Allegra Printing.  It will include classmate bio information furnished on the reservation forms.  It will be similar to the mini-Tatler published by the Class of 1960 for their 50 year reunion.  Barbara passed around a 1960 mini-Tatler.  She suggested a black and gold cover format, which everyone agreed would be appropriate. This mini-Tatler will be made available to everyone at our get together on Friday night.  Dee Rust will pursue obtaining other freebie memorabilia of Jackson from the Chamber of Commerce to give attendees at the same time.

Bill Barnes volunteered to try to produce a 50 year class reunion hanging name badge similar to the one used by JHS Class of 1960 on his home computer.  He will get back to Barbara ASAP on the feasibility.

Barbara will invite Buddy Patey, the Jackson Commissioner of Education in 1961, and any of our teachers still able to attend the meet-and-greet event on Friday.

Jeanie Todd talked Charlotte Hammond into volunteering for an entertainment skit on Friday with production and direction assistance coming from Jeanie.  She claims it's hilarious.  Don Whitmire has volunteered to be the master of ceremonies for reunion events with assistance from Bruce Herron. The DoubleTree will furnish a podium and microphone.

Barbara will consult with Reba Dudley to see if she has any decorating ideas or materials that she would be willing to share with us.  We are figuring on 12 tables of 8 people people that would need decorations, plus the general decorations for the room.  Barbara, Saundra Gamble and Jo Butler plan to set up several bulletin boards of class pictures and information.

Bruce Herron gave the financial report.  Bruce was optimistic that we would have enough money to cover expenses.  Original estimates of cost of the DoubleTree were based on attendance estimates of 120-130 attendees to be fed.  As of this meeting date we have approximately 60 class members who have committed to attend.  The grand total including spouses and guests now stands at 86 people.  The deadline when we give a final figure for the number of attendees to the hotel is fast approaching. 

Dee Rust and her committee are in the process of choosing our menu.  The options look good.

We voted to meet 2 times in May since the event is so near.  We will meet on May 12 and May 26 at 6:00 PM at Baudo's.

Photos from the 4/28 Planning Meeting
Charlotte Hammond, Don Whitmire, Bruce Herron, Jon Butler and Jo Butler
Joe Hammonds, Winston Woodard, George Esch, Jim Matthews and Don Whimire (back view)
Jo Butler, Barbara Farmer, Dee Rust, Bailey Patterson, Don Whitmire, Charlotte Hammond and Bruce Herron (back view)
April 7 Planning Meeting

Classmates attending:
Jim Matthews                          Bailey Patterson
Don Whitmire                         Charlotte Hammond
Bruce Herron                          Barbara Farmer
Jimmy Akin                             Dee Rust
Winston Woodard                   George Esch
Jo Butler                                  Bobby Eason
Jeanie Todd                             Bill Barnes

The planning group voted to pay the Delacardos' expenses for their sound man if we can get a commitment that the group will entertain for free on Saturday night at the reunion.  We have not yet heard back from Guilford Jones on whether he has gone forward with his short history of rock video presentation concept.  The plan to have a DJ for background and to accommodate any dancers is still good.

Mitch Carter will be in attendance Saturday evening at 6:00 PM to take the group reunion picture and any individual, couple, or small group pictures that may be requested.  He plans to offer an 8" x 10" group picture with the names printed on the back to sell for $15 each after the reunion.

We are trying to have a printed card with a firm schedule of events ready to mail within the next two weeks.  Time information was voted on tonight with this goal in mind:
Friday night's event will start at 5:00 PM at the DoubleTree.  Registration will take place from 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM.  From 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM you can enjoy renewing old acquaintances, light snacks and a cash bar.
Saturday morning from 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM is a "Dutch treat" breakfast at the Old Country Store.  Everyone is on their own.  The Old Country Store has agreed to furnish us a room for eating and more informal "meet and greet" time.
Saturday afternoon at 1:00 PM a school bus or buses will leave from the DoubleTree for a tour of Jackson with those interested in this activity.
Saturday evening we reconnect at the DoubleTree between 5:00 PM and 6:00 PM.  The group photo will be taken at 6:00 PM.  A full dinner will be served from 6:30 PM - 7:30 PM.  From 7:30 PM - 8:30 PM is the scheduled entertainment.  After 8:30 it's the DJ and "anything goes".

Everyone that we have correct contact information on should either get a card or an Email with this schedule information on it.

By the next meeting we should have a cost estimate and a plan to print a 50 year reunion booklet with classmate information based on the biographical information furnished on the registration forms.  This would be similar to the golden book souvenirs from previous reunions.  Barbara will solicit information from Joe Ward on how his class handled this.

The next scheduled meeting is Thursday, April 28th at Baudo's.
Photos from the 4/7 Meeting
Jeanie Todd and Bobby Eason
Jeanie Todd, Bobby Eason, George Esch and Bruce Herron
Jimmy Akin, Jo Butler (backs), Barbara Farmer, Charlotte Hammond, Don Whitmire, Bailey Patterson and Jim Matthews
Jimmy Akin, Jo Butler and Dee Rust
March 3 Meeting:

Classmates Attending:
Charlotte Hammond                                    Jerry Bishop
Jere Jennings                                              Lynn Leeman
Jimmy Arnold                                             Don Whitmire
Bruce Herron                                              Barbara Farmer
Marie Law                                                  Don Leggett
Bailey Patterson                                          Winson Woodard
George Esch                                                Dee Rust
Jim Warmbrod                                             Jo Butler
Bobby Eason                                               Jeanie Todd
Bill Barnes                                                  Becky Moore
Joe Ward ('60)

We had the best attendance to date for a reunion planning session.  Jerry Bishop and Jere Jennings made a special effort to attend by driving from Atlanta, GA and spending the night in Jackson.

Bruce said that we have 35 people responding to the registration questionnaire and 59 people indicating that they will attend.  Slow progress has been made in generating registration response, but we're looking forward to more by the next planning meeting.

One of the first proposals was to hire a disk jockey to provide music for the event.  The class of 1960 had used the services of an affordable DJ at their 50th reunion.  Based on their experience we should be able to get a DJ for 3 hours for $200.  There was no dissent.  The idea was unanimous.

Guilford Jones has been thinking about putting together a video presentation on the history of rock 'n' roll if the class is interested.  The classmates attending the meeting supported the idea of allowing time for a free 30 minute presentation by Guilford for Saturday night if he brings a finished work with him to the reunion.

An a cappella program by the Delacardos has been promised as a feature of the Saturday evening entertainment. Before we advertise them as a featured entertainment some follow-up with more of the major players in the Delacardos group needs to happen.  We want to insure that everyone in that group is available, aware of the terms and in agreement to perform.

Jerry Bishop brought a proposal to the meeting.  He would like to see a planned, but informal, get-together activity for Saturday morning in addition to those events already planned for Friday night and Saturday night. The larger rooms at the DoubleTree are unavailable to us during the day Saturday. There is support for this proposal if the costs are in the scope of our budget.  One possible affordable venue for this is the Crown Winery in Humboldt, TN.  Jerry and Jere had dropped by the business earlier in the day. They brought a business card with a rate quote for use of the winery facilities to the meeting.  The card was turned over to Barbara for possible follow-up. The rate quote did not include the cost of donuts, etc.

We will be doing further information gathering on the bus tour to see if there is enough interest, if it is within the budget, and what sites people would most like to see. This activity would be scheduled on Saturday in the early afternoon so as not to conflict with a Saturday morning get-together and the evening sit down meal.

Dee Rust will head a committee to choose the food for the reunion.

The next meeting was scheduled for April 7 at 6:00 PM at Baudo's.

Photos From March 3 Meeting:
Bruce Herron, Don Whitmire, Winston Woodard & George Esch
Left Side: Jimmy Arnold, Marie Law, Jerry Bishop & Charlotte Hammond Right side: Lynn Leeman, Jere Jennings, Becky Moore
Don Leggett, Jim Warmbrod (hidden), Bailey Patterson, Joe Ward, Jo Butler, Dee Rust, Bobby Eason
Facing: Jimmy Arnold, Marie Law, Jerry Bishop, Charlotte Hammond Backs: Jere Jennings, Becky Moore
Don Whitmire, Bailey Patterson, Joe Ward, Bobby Eason (back)
Bailey Patterson, Joe Ward, Jo Butler, Jerry Bishop, Dee Rust
Becky Moore, Jere Jennings, Lynn Leeman
Winston Woodard, Jimmy Arnold, Marie Law
Barbara Farmer, Bailey Patterson, Jere Jennings, Bobby Eason, Jo Butler

February 3 Planning Meeting


Attending were as follows:


George Esch                           Jimmy Arnold

Bailey Patterson                     Winston Woodard                     

Don Whitmire                         Lynn Leeman

Jim Warmbrod                        Marie Law

Jim Matthews                         Bill Barnes                

Dee Rust                               Jo Butler

Bruce Herron                          Bobby Eason

Barbara Farmer                       Jeanie Todd


We had a "biker present" he had a rich and full head of hair which was the most glorious grey you could ever imagine. He really fooled me, I felt almost retarded because of my skimpy grey hair.  Finally at the last minute of the meeting he pulled off the so called wig and then it hit me,  "He is almost like me."

Of course he still has lots of hair and it was just a joke but we

really laughed a lot.


We looked at the class address file and wished that we had more information on some of the 36 or so classmates that there is no information on. It was suggested that we all call a few classmates and request their help.


We talked about asking former teachers to attend and it was agreed to. We also talked about asking Buddy Patey, who handed out our diplomas, to attend.


Everyone looked at the pictures sent in with the registration forms and a few comments were made. One was, Jerry Bishop is finally looking presentable, made everyone chuckle.

Photos From the February 3 Planning Meeting
Bailey Patterson & George Esch (Can you tell which one is the real "biker"?)
Bruce Herron (background), Jimmy Arnold & Winston Woodard
Jim Matthews, Dee Rust, Bobby Eason
Marie Law, BB & Jo Butler
Don Whitmire

First Meeting:           


The first planning meeting was held on May 13, 6 pm at Baudo�s. The following attended:


Saundra Lancaster Gamble  Barbara Hinton Farmer

Joe White                           M. A. Smith Rust

Bill Barnes                         Jim Arnold

Winston Woodard               George Esch

Jo Wood Butler                   Bill Flake

Bruce Herron                      Joe Hammonds

Bobby Eason


Discussed when and where the fifty year reunion would be held. Most promising date agreed was June 3, 4, 2011 and the DoubleTree on the bypass was first choice of locations.


Inquiries planned to determine if dates are available and what deposits will be required.



Second Meeting


The second planning meeting was held on July 2, 6 pm at Baudo�s. The following attended:


Bruce Herron                              Don Whitmire

Ann Pearson McLemore              Joe Hammonds

George Esch                               Winston Woodard

D Smith Rust                               Bill Barnes

Bill Way                                      Joe White

Jim Akin                                      Bobbi Eason

Jim Arnold                                   Barbara Hinton Farmer

Bitsy Wyatt Woodson                   Joe Ward (Class of 1960)

Jeanie McGee Todd


Joe Ward explained the success of the web site that Class of 1960 had constructed and what was required in the way of funds and time. Discussion followed with the agreement that our class did indeed want a similar web site. Joe offered to help with the construction and Don Whitmire agreed to help maintain once it was up and running.


Discussed various places to hold the reunion and fees for each. Joe informed of their expenses at the DoubleTree and agreement was reached to hold our event there as well. There had to be a deposit to hold the week end selected and it was imperative that this be done soon, as the hotel booked up early due to weddings and other events. D Smith agreed to finalize everything at the DoubleTree and Bruce Herron agreed to use his credit card to hold the time slot.


A motion was made to encourage everyone to provide $100 to help with start up expenses with that amount being applied to final fees when they become due.


Names of lost classmates distributed for everyone to help and locate and return at the next meeting.


Next Meeting planned for 8-4-10 at Baudo�s.



Third Meeting


Meeting held 8-4-10 with the following attending:


Winston Woodard                        Bruce Herron

Bitsy Wyatt Woodson                   Barbara Hinton Farmer

Bill Barnes                                   Jo Wood Butler

Ann Pearson McLemore               Jim Arnold

Jeannie McGee Todd                    D Smith Rust

Charlotte Hammond                      Joe Ward (Class of 1960)

Bobby Eason


Reviewed various pictures of JHS and a decision made on which one to use for the website homepage.


Reviewed various addresses for the website and Joe Ward was able to get www.jhsclassof1961.com.


Some discussion on fund raisers but no decisions.


Next meeting to be 9-9-10 at Baudo�s



Fourth Meeting


Meeting held 9-9-10 with the following attending:


Jim Warmbrod                              Marie Alexander Law

Barbara Hinton Farmer                  Lynn Leeman

D Smith Rust                                Ray Dingledine

Jo Wood Butler                             George Esch

Bill Barnes                                    Joe Hammonds

Don Leggett                                  Phillip Sims

Don Whitmire                               Joe Ward (Class of 1960)


Doubletree date is set and reserved. Events planned are a Friday night greeting time and a Saturday night event. Nothing officially planned for Saturday morning.


Website up and running with first information posted. More to follow. Bill Barnes agreed to help maintain.

E mail and phone list being prepared.   There are 202 classmates on the list, 26 are deceased, and we have 42 e mail addresses to date.


Discussed class portrait. D Smith to inquire at Moore Studio if ours is located there.


Discussed putting a class history on the web site but need memories to be supplied for the different periods.


Next meeting planned for September 30 at Baudo�s.


September 30 Meeting


A meeting was held at Baudo's on Sept. 30 with the following attending:


Bobbi Eason                     George Esch

Jo Wood Butler                 Don Leggett

Charlotte Hammond          Lynn Leeman

Bruce Herron                    Saundra Landcaster Gamble

Jim Warmbrod                  Marie Alexander Law

Don Whitmire                   Barbara Hinton Farmer

Winston Woodard             Jeanie McGee Todd

Jim Matthews                    Bitsy Wyatt Woodson

Phil Sims                          Bill Barnes

Joe Hammonds                  Joe Ward (Class of 1960)


Discussion as follows:


Class Picture that used to hand at JHS is at Moore Studio and the cost to repair is $425.  Agreed to have this done


Bus tours on Saturday during the reunion will cost about $250.  Agreed to arrange for tours of Jackson and interesting places.


Projected cost of reunion will be around $ 90 per person.


Website up and running with additions being made. Anyone who cannot open a file to contact whitmiredon@eplus.net


Request made for class pics of the ten year reunion.


Next meeting to be Thursday, Oct. 21, 6 pm at Baudos


October 28 Meeting


Classmates attending were as follows:


Jim Matthews                   Bill Flake

Charlotte Hammon           Bruce Herron

Barbara Hinton Farmer     Winston Woodard

Don Whitmire                   Joe Hammonds

Marie Alexander Law        George Esch

Lynn Leeman                    Phil Sims

Bobby Eason                     Joe Ward

D Smith Rust                    Jim Akin

Jeanie McGee Todd           Jere Jennings

Jim Warmbrod


Mail outs were sorted, folded, addressed, and prepared for mail. 


List of classmate names with no information were read and assigned to those that might find any addresses or phone numbers.  


November 18 Meeting at Baudo's


Classmates attending were as follows:


Barbara Hinton Farmer        Jim Warmbrod

George Esch                       Charlotte Hammond                               

Marie Alexander Law           Jim Matthews

Lynn Leeman                      Winston Woodard

Bitsy Wyatt Woodson           Don Whitmire

Bobby Eason                       Don Leggett

Ann Pearson McLemore       Jeanie McGee Todd

Joe Hammond                      Joe Ward


The "Save Me a Seat" fundraiser for Madison Academic High School located in the former  Jackson High School was mentioned.  Several classmates thought it was a good idea as a way to make a charitable contribution to a good cause, and at the same time recognize themselves, a favorite teacher, etc.


Barbara Hinton shared a newspaper clipping with a current picture of Becky Webb and her civic activities.


Barbara brought up the idea of a facebook page for the class.  Bill Barnes promised to look into the possibility.


Donations were pomised and accepted to a fund for any expenses incured that would not be covered by regular registrations.


Jeanie McGee Todd is in communication with Duygu Sanda, our exchange student from Turkey, about the reunion and the possibility of her attending. Jeanie shared a scrapbook of her visit to Duygu and family.  


Next meeting will be at Baudo's on January 20, 6 P M.





Photos from Sept 30 Meeting
Charlotte Hammond, Jo (Wood) Butler & Bobby Eason
Lynn Leeman, Don Leggett & George Esch
Winston Woodard
Saundra (Lancaster) Gamble, Jo (Wood) Butler & Bitsy (Wyatt) Woodson
Marie (Alexander) Law & Joe Hammonds
Joe Ward, Class of 1960