Jackson High School

Class of 1961


55th Reunion

June 3rd & 4th, 2016

JHS Class of '61 2012 Meetings

Meeting November 15, 2012




Charlotte Hammond               Steve Krause

Jimmy Arnold                         Joe Hammonds

Barbara Farmer                      Jim Warmbrod

Bill Barnes                              Don Leggett

De Rust                                   Jim Matthews

Bobby Eason                           Don Whitmire

Ginger Whitmire



Jimmy Arnold shared information on the cost of Cajun Cookers if we were to choose them as a site for our 70th birthday.  Cost for space was very reasonable, but we would have to negotiate on menu and food cost.  BYOB would be acceptable. 


De Rust checked on the upstairs at the Downtown Tavern.  She said that it was a really neat place, but there are no elevators and the steep stairs might present a problem to classmates and guests.  She could not recommend it on that basis.


Bobby Eason attended the Class of 1960 70th birthday party this weekend. It was held at Premier Place from 10 AM-3 PM last Saturday.  There were 50 + people in attendance.  They had a buffet style meal for $25/person. Janeen (Googe) Smith provided musical entertainment. Several other class members also participated by providing entertainment.


Don Whitmire furnished a spreadsheet that detailed the costs of the Class of 1957 Reunion. It was a 3 day event held at both the All Suites Hotel and the new Larue downtown.  The Painted Lady catered all refreshment at the Larue.  Reports on the food provided by the Painted Lady were good. Also inlcuded on the spreadsheet was the information from the Class of 1960 at Premier Place.

South Street, adjoining Baudo's, was also mentioned as another possibility. 


The top 3 contenders right now appear to be Coyote Blues, Cajun Cookers and Premier Place.  Coyote Blues seems to be the option that offers the least amount of extra effort from classmates. We are going to get clarification on whether the prices quoted are for either lunch or dinner. At this point there is more support for a one day event with the option of an extra informal meal rather than two or more planned 70th birthday events.


The next meeting will be at Baudo's at 5:30 PM on January 24, 2013.


A happy Thanksgiving and Holiday Season to all!

Meeting October 25, 2012



Charlotte Hammond           Judith Kay Kirkland

Jim Warmbrod                   George Esch

Winston Woodard               Bruce Herron

Jimmy Arnold                     De Rust

Barbara Farmer                   Steve Krause

Marie Law                           Don Whitmire

Bobby Eason                        Bill Barnes


We continue to discuss possible venues for our 70th birthday party next year.  We are leaning toward a fall scheduling. We didn't receive a heavy response from our two all-class emailings. We appreciate the suggestions that we got and will take them all into consideration.  Thanks to those that did respond. 


A major issue is whether we want a two day event or a one day event.  Bruce gave the class bank balance.  We should have a good start on whichever  decision we make, but the group sized accomodations that we've discussed so far have been on the pricey side. 


De presented some facts on the New Southern.  Cost numbers were high.  We expect that they would have ample space for our group.  One big negative with the New Southern is that everything other than space would be the responsibility of our class.  We would have to plan and provide for catering, set-up and clean-up.


One possible candidate brought up for our outing was the "blue room" at Coyote Blues.  Two room sizes were available there: 1/2 room for up to 50 guests and a full room for up to 150 guests.  Coyote Blues would provide all the services with room rental and a total food and beverage + gratuity minimum. 


Three other possibilites to investigate by next meeting were the upstairs room over the Downtown Tavern, Cajun Cookers, and the house that the class of '57 used for their last reunion.  Don suggested that we go to the other JHS classes that have had recent reunions and get the information that they used in making their decisions as to costs and facilities as a next step.  He has ready access to the class of '57 information.  We think we can have the information on the three possibilites suggested by the next meeting in 3 weeks.


The next meeting will be a Baudo's at 5:30 PM on November 15.

Meeting September 27, 2012



De Rust                            Jimmy Akin

George Esch                     Jim Warmbrod

Winston Woodard            Bill Barnes

Steve Krause                    Jimmy Arnold

Marie Law                        Barbara Farmer

Don Leggett



The class is still looking for new ideas for our 70th birthday party next year.  Several pros and cons for Crown Winery were discussed.  The major con was that it might be pricey and alcoholic beverages would be limited to Crown's selection of wines.  Also mentioned for investigation this time was the New Southern Hotel.  We would really like to get input from more of the class, especially from those who don't or can't attend the monthly meetings before we start limiting the choices.  This should give us more variety and gives everyone a more equal say in the final decision.  Everyone that we have an email address on should expect a letter shortly soliciting input.  Please respond.


You should have received an email forwarded from the Class of 1960 in mid August inviting you to their 70th birthday. This is just a reminder that it's still on for Saturday, Nov. 10th at Premier Place Catering from 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM if you would like to attend.  There will be a buffet lunch from noon til 1:00.  If you have any questions call Joe Ward 664-7653 or if you want reservations for the meal send $25/person to Vickie Crawford, 4 Braewood Cove, Jackson, TN  38305.


Our thoughts go out to classmate Christa (Tarpley) Winslow on the loss of her mother, Francis Tarpley.  Mrs. Tarpley passed away on Sept 1, 2012. 



Joe Ward (60') announced to his classmates via email that he is suffering from Parkinson's.  We all wish Joe well in his struggle with this health problem, and hope he will continue to be active in his support of all JHS alumni activities.


Congratulations to Jimmy Akin for his retirement from TDOT.  According to George Esch, Jimmy will now be available to work for old classmates full time and completely gratis.

As for Jimmy, he says he now just wants to head out to Montana for a spell.


The next class meeting is scheduled for Thursday, Oct. 25 at 5:30 PM at Baudo's.

Meeting for August 23, 2012 was cancelled. 

Meeting July 19, 2012



Joe White                          Marie Law

Barbara Farmer                 Jim Warmbrod

Tom Booth                        Winston Woodard

Charlotte Hammond          De Rust

Steve Krause                      Bill Barnes



Everyone was pleased to see Tom Booth at the meeting.  Tom has returned to Jackson and was able to join us for the first time. 

Joe White announced that he has the City of Jackson box and free tickets to the Generals' game at Pringles Park  on Monday, August 6th.  All  classmates are welcome to join in for a fun night of baseball and celebration.  Joe will be at the main gate welcoming our group at 6:30 PM.  He promises that attendees will have as much fun this time as we have had at previous outings that he has hosted.


We discussed the Pigeon Forge outing that Jerry Bishop is coordinating, and passed around a copy of the Jerry's email correspondence with management of The Inn on The River and their proposed room contract rates.  Several expressed interest, but no new definite intentions to attend were disclosed. 


A vote was held at this meeting on the question of keeping the class website.  After a discussion of pros and cons we voted to keep the present web site for another year.  If we have any class volunteers with the necessary skills to start a new website with more desired features and/or lower cost we can revisit this  at a future meeting.  The deadline for yearly renewal with Network Solutions as a host was upon us, and they would not agree to short term extension.


The next order of business was brainstorming ideas for a 70th birthday reunion for our class in 2013.  Barbara recommended that we design a celebration event that would be attractive to classmates from outside the immediate area.  She would like to draw as many local classmates as possible, plus host an event that people would be willing to travel for.  It's very early in the planning stage so we would like to hear and give consideration to your ideas about the type of event that you think could accomplish this.   Two suggestions that came out in this meeting were the use of the Crown Winery facility in Humboldt and the use of Twin Oaks in Humboldt.  If you will remember from last year's 50th reunion, our dynamic duo Jerry B. and Jere J. dropped by Crown Winery on their long distance trip to one of our planning sessions and suggested using it then.  It seemed like a good idea at the time, and it probably still is.  Twin Oaks is another Humboldt facility on the Historical Record that is now available for rent for parties, weddings, etc.  It isn't quite as well known by the locals attending this meeting, but it sounds promising at this time as a possible option.  We are planning to research both of these two venues further.  You can google both on the Internet.  Pickwick was another suggestion that didn't sound quite as promising.  Please be thinking about innovative things to do.


The next scheduled meeting is Thursday, August 23 at 5:30 PM at Baudo's.

Meeting April 5, 2012



Joe Hammonds                    George Esch

Barbara Farmer                    Marie Law

Jim Akin                               Don Leggett

De Rust                                Charlotte Hammond

Jim Warmbrod                     Bill Barnes

Bailey Patterson                   Joe White

Bobby Eason                        Don Whitmire



Barbara circulated a sympathy card from the class to the Wayne Bates family. Wayne's mother Christine passed away on March 21 of this year in Heber Springs, AR. Many will remember that Mrs. Bates was a school teacher and her husband, Bill, was a Southern Baptist pastor later associated with Union University. A memorial service for Mrs. Bates will be held Saturday, April 21 at the First Baptist Church in Jackson.


We learned that our classmate Terry Henry has suffered strokes since he attended our reunion.  Please keep Terry and his wife in mind at this time.


Joe White has reserved the City of Jackson skybox at Pringles Park on Sat., April 28 for all classmates that would like to watch the Jackson Generals take on the Tennessee Smokies.  You don't even have to like baseball.  He promises that there will be something there for you to do, and somebody to do it with.  That night is a special promotion night featuring a Star Wars Theme fireworks display and special Star Wars characters.  Joe would like to have an idea how many many people are planning to attend so he can arrange for tickets, but even if you don't RSVP , come on anyway. Show up in front of the Pringle's Park ticket office and gate at 5:30 PM and look for the group of old folks milling around.  Joe says, "Be there or be square."


The all years reunion committee met on March 27, and have now published a new set of meeting notes.  We will send the complete notes out to our class email list shortly.  De Rust and Barbara Farmer managed to get themselves put in charge of the refreshments and set up.  De is soliciting help from anyone in our group that will be willing to help her with cookies and kool-aid.  Both Barbara and De hope to know more about what their needs will be after the next all years planning meeting scheduled for April 24. No one has any idea at this time how many people will attend the all years reunion.  Please drop Barbara an email or call her if you are planning to attend.


There are several night time activities for those attending the all years reunion ceremony at our alma mater.  These are outlined in the meeting notes.  In the evening Pringles Park will be opened for those alumni wishing to meet and visit there.  There are no ball games scheduled the night of June 2.  Refreshments will be available for purchase.  Downtown Jackson will be hosting a music festival if you would prefer to enjoy those activities.  Also the class of 1962 has invited people to attend their dance with a live band at the Jackson Country Club. It will be the finale to their 50 year reunion.  The dance will be held after the meal and ceremonies which are open to the class of 1962 only.


Our 1961 class is going forward with plans to have an informal evening party at the Woodridge Townhouses Club House for just our classmates and guests.  We may chip in for setups and pizza if that is what those attending would like. 


The next scheduled class meeting will be Thursday, May 3 @ 5:30 @ Baudo's. 

Meeting March 1, 2012
Joe Hammonds
Winston Woodard
Don Leggett
Barbara Farmer
George Esch
Bruce Herron
Jim Warmbrod
Judith Kirkland
Charlotte Hammond
De Rust
Stephen Krause
Bobby Eason 
De and Barbara summarized their learning from the last JHS All Class Reunion Meeting.  The original start time was published as 1:00 PM.  That now may now be changed to 12:30 PM to allow time to seat people and start the short combined class program in the high school auditorium at 1:00 PM.  One possibility suggested for those classes that would like to have an activity Saturday night other than the Class of '62 50-Year Reunion might be a combined activity at the pavilion in Pringles Park. 
Barbara suggested a separate Class of '61 celebration at the club room of the Woodridge Apartments on Saturday night. Like the All Years Reunion the idea was to keep things simple and allow time to visit.  The extra visitation time comes from feedback from our 50-Year Reunion. People said that they would have liked more time to talk to everyone. Our class could furnish beverages and even simple food refreshments like pizza if that is what we choose to do.  Classmates could visit as long as they wanted, and if they chose to attend the dance and live band portion of  '62's party at the Country Club they could do that also. We don't have a good idea of how many people will show up from the class of 1961 at the reunion, but felt that perhaps Woodridge could accommodate our size crowd.
The next meeting for the All Years Reunion planning will be Tuesday, March 27 @ 5:30 at the Blood Bank. 
The next meeting for our Class of '61 planning group will be Thursday, April 5 @ 5:30 at Baudo's.

Meeting 1/19/12

Classmates Attending:


Jimmy Arnold                        Lynn Leeman

Jim Matthews                        Bill Barnes

Steve Krause                         De Rust

Winston Woodard                 Jeanie Todd

Don Whitmire                       George Esch

Bruce Herron                         Barbara Farmer

Marie Law                             Becky Moore

Ann McLemore                      Don Leggett



Mimi Roland Voss-Allen ('65) has volunteered to lead planning for the first "All Years JHS Class Reunion" to be held at our old JHS campus (now Madison Academic High School) on June 2, 2012 from 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM.  This date and these times were chosen to take advantage of the fact that JHS Class of 1962 was already planning their 50 year reunion that night.  They would be free to attend an all years reception event without any time conflict.  We still have living members of the first graduating class in 1930, and MiMi and company hope to make this reunion an annual event.


Since more of our '61 class are going to be in town for the all class reunion anyway, we can choose to schedule a separate get together as the '61 class or in partnership with other classes if we choose.  Mimi's planning is not going to cover anything other than the all class portion, but she does give her blessings to those who want to plan any other events around it. 


If you have opinions or suggestions for our class you need to get them on the table before June 2, 2012. Jerry Bishop had raised the possibililty in a previous email of some of our visiting out-of-towners staying in a local hotel and using the hotel facilities for an informal type party.  Another possibility is to combine with the Class of 1960.  They have an active group that plans regular social get togethers at various local restaurants just as we do at Baudo's. It would be easy enough to plan them to coincide with ours around the all years reunion.


If anyone is interested in being a part of the planning process for the all class reunion Mimi has scheduled a  second meeting for Tuesday, January 31 at 5:30 PM at the new West Tennessee Regional Blood Center, 183 Sterling Farms Drive.  It shouldn't last over an hour.

Barbara Farmer and several others will be there to represent our class, but if you want a first hand view of the process you're welcome to attend.  If you would like to contact Mimi:

email - mimivoss@yahoo.com

office and home phone - 731-427-9844


Our next class meeting will be Thursday, March 1, 2012 at Baudo's.