Jackson High School

Class of 1961


55th Reunion

June 3rd & 4th, 2016

JHS Class of '61 Meeting Notes for 2013
Meeting 10/17/13

Don Whitmire                      Jim Akin
Marie Law                           Bruce Herron
Barbara Farmer                    Steve Krause
Phil Sims                              Lynn Leeman
Bill Barnes                           Don Leggett
Charlotte Hammond            De Rust
Bobby Eason

The only official class business was a toast from all those attending to a successful and fun 70th birthday party.  We will not meet in November and December. We hope everyone going to Pigeon Forge has a good time.  The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, Jan. 23, 2014 @ Baudo's @ 5:30 PM.

Meeting 9/19/13

Don Whitmire                      Jim Matthews
Phil Sims                              Charlotte Hammond
Steve Krause                        Bill Barnes
Joe Hammonds                     George Esch
Winston Woodard                Barbara Farmer
Joe White                              Bruce Herron
Don Leggett                          De Rust
Bobby Eason                         Jeanie Todd

We have approximately 50 yes RSVPs from class and spouses already, and  we expect more.  A suggestion was made that we have each classmate give a fond remembrance, little known fact about themselves, just about anything they want to say, etc. at the Flatiron banquet. Our MC, Don Whitmire, will open the floor for this on a voluntary basis. Be prepared with something brief if you would like to share.  As of meeting time we had the following RSVP's:

Winston Woodard (2)            Bruce Herron (2)
Marie Law (1)                        George Esch (1)
Bobby Eason (1)                     Lynn Leeman (1)
Susan Harwood (1)                 Joe Hammonds (1)
Judy Kirkland (1)                    Linda Cody (1)
Jerry Bishop (2)                       Joe White (2)
Ann Dearing (2)                       Don Leggett (2)
Jim Akin (1)                             David Jones (1 or 2)
Virginia Hudson (2)                  Steve Krause (1)
Maudie Kite-Powell (2)           Bobby Brasfield (1 or 2)
Libby Cash (2)                         Charlotte Hammond (1)
Jimmy Arnold (2)                     Barbara Farmer (1)
Bill Flake (2)                            Johnny Williams (2)
Bill Barnes (2)                          Jimmy Matthews (2)
D. D. White (1)                        Frances Newell (2)
Billy Allen (2)                           Don Whitmire (2)

The next meeting is scheduled for Oct. 17 at Baudo's at 5:00 PM.  It is likely that we will take a break after that for the Thanksgiving/Christmas holidays.

Meeting 8/22/13

Barbara Hinton                   George Esch
Winston Woodard               Don Leggett
Don Whitmire                      Bobby Eason
Steve Krause                        Judith Kirkland
Charlotte Hammond            Jimmy Arnold
Bruce Herron                       Jim Matthews
Bailey Patterson                   De Rust
Marie Law                            Bill Flake
Bill Barnes

This was a well attended meeting. 
Barbara quickly ran through some of the many responses we have gotten back from our invitation to the 70th Birthday Party. It is looking like we may be able to get a good group of our fellow 70 year old classmates to show up. The next step will be to call our friends and classmates and urge them to come if possible. Don't be surprised if you get a phone call. Winston phoned Jerry Bishop on his new cell phone and the group all said hello to Jerry.  Jerry is interested in getting another Pigeon Forge outing for interested classmates underway for Monday, Nov, 18 and Tuesday, Nov. 19 this year.  Look at the What's New Tab if this web site for the details and also expect an email if we have a good address on file. 
The next class meeting is scheduled for Sept. 19th, at Baudo's @5:30 PM.


Don Whitmire                      De Rust
Steve Krause                        Bill Barnes
Phil Sims                               Joe White
George Esch                         Barbara Farmer
Winston Woodard                Joe Hammonds

We plan to put out an announcement and invitation flyer on the 70th birthday party very quickly by US mail.  Expect it.

Joe White has the City of Jackson box at the Jackson Generals game at Pringles Park for Thursday, July 18, 2013.  Show up at the front gate at 6:30 PM and we'll get you in.  We are planning to have our regular monthly meeting in the box this month.  That should be different.  Just show up and enjoy the game. I assure you that what class business is discussed won't interfere with anything else.

The class web site is up for renewal in July/Aug.  We voted to continue it another year.

We'll see you at Pringles Park, City of Jackson box, Thursday, July 18th @ 6:30 PM/

Meeting 4/25/13

Don Whitmire                     Jimmy Arnold
Phil Sims                              Steve Krause
Charlotte Hammond            Jeanie Todd
Barbara Farmer                    Jo Butler
Winston Woodard                De Rust
Marie Law                            Bruce Herron
George Esch                         Bailey Patterson
Lynn Leeman                       Bobby Eason

We decided that we would get together at Barbara's clubhouse after the all class reunion on June 1st.  After 8:30 PM anyone who wants can go to the DoubleTree for the Class of '63 reunion dance.  Our class will supply a light meal similar to last year.  We didn't talk about going out to eat together on Friday night, May 31, but that could happen as well.

Our birthday party will be the 1st week end in October. On Friday night, Oct. 4, we will have a Dutch treat dinner at the DoubleTree at 6:00 PM.  The DoubleTree has set aside a block of 15 rooms for us. They are all king rooms with a special rate of $89. You will need to make your reservations for them by 
Sept. 15.  

Saturday morning will be for those who want to meet at DoubleTree or Country Store.  We talked about going  to some places such as the Rockabilly Hall of Fame.  Maybe the downtown area to see some of the new construction, the New Southern, etc.  At 6:00 PM, we'll go to the Flatiron.  We didn't discuss it, but will probably have some type of program there.  The cost will be $35 per person.

The next meeting is May 23 @ 5:30 PM @ Baudo's.

Meeting 3/28/13

Jim Matthews                     George Esch
De Rust                               Don Leggett
Jim Akin                              Barbara Farmer
Steve Krause                       Don Whitmire
Bailey Patterson                  Bobby Eason

Barbara Farmer reported that she and Marie Law looked at the room at the Flatiron for Saturday night and it will be sufficient.  We booked it.  As discussed before, we shall have a "Dutch Treat" dinner at DoubleTree on Friday night.  It was mentioned that we can meet for breakfast Saturday AM for those that want.  
As for activities on Sat., there are several attractions s such as the Rockabilly Hall of Fame, that our classmates might be interested in seeing.
We decided that we are going to make FINAL decisions at the next meeting which will be April 25th.

Meeting 2/28/13



Jim Warmbrod                    Bruce Herron

Barbara Farmer                   De Rust

George Esch                        Winston Woodard

Marie Law                           Phillip Sims

Steve Krause                        Don Leggett

Charlotte Hammond            Jeanie Todd

Don Whitmire                      Joe White

Bobby Eason                        Bill Barnes  



We had a very good turnout for this meeting. 


The dates for our 70th birthday party still remain as Oct. 4th and 5th, 2013.  De Rust has talked with the people at DoubleTree, and they say that they can accomodate the size group that we expect in their restaurant on Friday evening.  We will not need a special dining area.  This evening is "dutch treat".  Classmates will be ordering and paying for their own dinners from the restaurant menu.  The time is still to be decided.  If you are coming from out of town and staying at the DoubleTree, ask them for a special JHS reunion rate when making your reservation.  Marie Law talked with both Coyote Blues and Flatiron Grille about Saturday night.  Coyote Blues will be moved to a new location by October and won't be able to accomodate the size group we expect in a private room.  If you'll remember Coyote Blues was the favorite Saturday night choice from last month's meeting pending more concrete information on availability. Marie shared that Flatiron Grille offers a private dining room for a group our size.  They also offer a "very affordable" buffet menu.  We voted to choose Flatiron Grille for our Saturday night meal and activity.  The group also decided on a time of 6:00 PM as a start time.  We will put out a class email stating that we have finalized our decision to all class members whose address is current on our list.


Barbara and De are attending planning meetings for the 2nd annual All Years JHS Class Reunion.  Once again Mimi Allen is chairing the effort.  The event will be held June 1 at Madison Academic. The planners are promising an improved sound system this year.  There will be no other activities for the entire group other than the afternoon program and meet and greet at the school.  Each class will be responsible for planning individual activities, and the class of 1963 will be having their 50 year reunion at this time. We will try to keep our class informed as the All Years Reunion group publishes the notes of their planning meetings.


Our next meeting will be @ Baudo's @ 5:30 on March 28th.  Join us if you can.

Meeting 1/24/13



Marie Law                          Barbara Farmer

George Esch                       Joe Hammonds

Winston Woodard               Bill Barnes

Peggy Killough                   Charlotte Hammond

Bobby Eason                      Jim Warmbrod

Jimmy Akin                        Bailey Patterson



Classmates, mark your calendars for Oct. 4th and 5th for a 70th Birthday celebration event.  That is the first weekend in October 2013. We'll eat at the DoubleTree on Friday night "dutch treat".  Saturday night we will dine as a group at Coyote Blues. These party venues are tentative at this time.  We have not negotiated terms and availability with either location. We will try to have more concrete information by the next monthly meeting.


The next meeting will be at Baudo's @ 5:30 PM on Feb. 28th.