Jackson High School

Class of 1961


55th Reunion

June 3rd & 4th, 2016

Meeting 7/24/14

Barbara Farmer                 George Esch
Bobby Brasfield                 Anne Crossnoe
Jim Warmbrod                   Steve Krause
De Rust                              Bill Barnes
Jim Akin                             Charlotte Hammond
Terry Henry                       Winston Woodard
Joe White

We sent a sympathy card from the class to Phil Morris on the death of Martha.  We will also be sending a memorial.  The class sent Judith Kirkland a card.  She's almost recuperated from knee surgery, and promises she's looking forward to coming back to the monthly meetings next time around.
The Jackson Generals outing that was originally scheduled for July 14 was postponed due to rain.  Joe White has tickets for the makeup game  on Wed. August 13.  That evening is going to be a doubleheader. Unfortunately, Joe is not going to be able to make this one, so he turned the tickets over to Winston Woodard.
The Generals schedule shows 5:05 PM as a start time for game 1.  Be on the lookout for Winston at the gate 30 minutes before game time.  We'll try to get out a reminder nearer to the date.
This class website is due to expire shortly.  We decided to extend it another year.
The next class meeting will be Thursday, August 21 at Baudo's at 5:30 PM.

Meeting 3/20/14

Winston Woodard            Charlotte Hammond
Bruce Herron                    Jim Warmbrod
Joe White                          Jimmy Arnold
Don Leggett                      Bobby Eason
Barbara Farmer                 Bill Barnes
Don Whitmire                   George Esch

The JHS Alumni Reunion this June 7 will honor our former teachers.  We are requested to submit our favorite teacher and any comments about how they affected our lives to a special web page built by John Reitzammer, JHS '63. An email to all '61 classmates with correct addresses on file will be published with details.  You can also find this on the What's New

Meeting 2/27/14

Don Whitmire             De Rust
Barbara Farmer          George Esch
Winston Woodard       Steve Krause
Bobby Eason               Marie Law
Bruce Herron              Jim Warmbrod
Bill Barnes

Winston Woodard is trying to get money in by the end of this Feb. from all classmates that plan to attend the T. G. Sheppard concert on June 14. Give him a call at 731-616-9573, or better yet send your check made out to him to 15 Brighton Drive, Humboldt, TN.  We have to tell the Dixie how many seats to reserve together for the class at the $18 rate.  We are planning to eat as a group at Baudo's (Dutch Treat) after the concert.  Several are planning to skip the concert, but come to the meal. Winston would appreciate it if you would give him a call if you plan to eat with the group at Baudo's. They would like an estimate on how many to expect so they can prepare a private space for us. You're welcome to come even if you don't tell us. I'm sure they'll squeeze us in.

Bruce gave a financial update on how much we had in our class account.

Baudo's was having a commercial filmed the night of our meeting. Classmates at this meeting along with other customers, may, or may not, end up in the commercial. Keep your eyes peeled for a Baudo's commercial on WBBJ.

We meet again on March 20th

January Meeting:

Bailey Patterson               Don Whitmire
Jim Warmbrod                  Jimmy Arnold
Marie Law                        Barbara Farmer
Jim Akin                            George Esch
Charlotte Hammond          Winston Woodard
Bobby Eason                      Don Leggett
Steve Krause                      Phil Sims

Several classmates are interested in an informal get together at "The Dixie" to hear T. G. Sheppard in concert on Saturday, June 14 at 2:00 PM.  Afterwards we can do dinner together.  Tickets will be $20 each, and we will be eligible for a discounted price if more than 20 attend as a group. Contact Jerry Bishop 678-446-5080 or bishopjerryo@bellsouth.net, or Bill Barnes bxbintn@aol.com, if you are interested.

The next class meeting is scheduled for Feb. 20 @ 5:30 PM @ Baudo's.