Jackson High School

Class of 1961


55th Reunion

June 3rd & 4th, 2016

Meeting 10/15/15
Bruce Herron                       Barbara Farmer
George Esch                         Jo Butler
Bobby Brasfield                   Charlotte Hammond
Marie Law                            De Rust
Jim Warmbrod                      Bobby Eason
Bill Barnes                            Don Leggett
Steve Krause                         Don Whitmire
Winston Woodard

We had a good crowd at Baudo's for the meeting. This will be our last for the year due to the upcoming holiday season.  Barbara passed around a marked up copy of the information and reservation form used for our 50 year reunion for group input and approval for the reuse for the 55th. We expect the final version of this class mail-out to be available to classmates very soon. Despite inflation over the 5 year period we are estimating costs will be very close to the same as in 2011. Jerry Bishop has volunteered an adjoining room as a "hospitality friendly" area. I don't know if he cleared that one with Jane or not. A sympathy card was passed around to be sent to Barbara Henry.  We are keeping Peggy Killough in our thoughts. She returned to Cedars Sinai in California this week to receive a second round of fibrin injections to patch a cerebral spinal fluid leak. Her BFF Brenda Rieffel accompanied her. 
The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, Jan. 7th, 2016 @ Baudo's @ 5:30 PM.  George Esch wishes everyone out there a happy holiday season.

Meeting 9/17/15
De Rust.                               George Esch
Barbara Farmer.                   Don Whitmire
Bailey Patterson.                  Charlotte Hammond
Jimmy Arnold.                     Marie Law
Steve Krause.                        Joe White
Don Leggett.                         Bobby Eason
Bill Barnes

We will probably have a meet and greet at the Double Tree on Friday night of the reunion. Anyone wanting to get together for breakfast on Saturday morning with friends can do so. Most of the classmates will opt to go to the All Alumni program at Jackson High in the afternoon. This year Jerry Barnette is preparing a presentation featuring Tury Oman material. Saturday evening we will have a meal and short program as yet to be determined. A feature of our 50th that was appreciated well enough that our people wanted to repeat was the "hospitality room". We will probably have to finance it out of class funds or contributions, but De will check with DoubleTree, anyway. We will meet again on Oct. 15 @ Baudo's @ 5:30 PM. We plan to adjourn dinner meetings after that in Nov. & Dec. for the holidays.  Happy birthday to George Esch tomorrow, 9/18/15.

Meeting 8/13/15
Bobby Eason                        Jimmy Arnold
De Rust                                 Don Leggett
Joe White                              Winston Woodard
Barbara Farmer                     Don Whitmire
Bailey Patterson                    Bill Barnes 
Jon and Jo Butler

We are using a best guess of 75 classmates and spouses as a probable attendance figure in planning for the 55th Reunion. Thanks to De Rust for securing the DoubleTree. We're glad that Don Whitmire is bouncing back from his surgery He is back behind the wheel and was able to attend tonight. Jon and Jo Butler surprised us by joining us tonight. 
The next meeting was scheduled for Sept. 17th.
Meeting 7/9/15
Joe White                             Marie Law
Steve Krause                        Bruce Herron
Don Leggett                         De Rust
Charlotte Hammond             Jimmy Arnold
Winston Woodard                 Barbara Farmer
George Esch                          Bobby Eason
Bill Barnes

We found out that Don Whitmire was blindsided with a faulty aortic valve and had replacement surgery. Peggy Killough was having CSF leakage and was being treated at Cedars Sinai in CA by a specialist in that field. Also, Paula Cook was having surgery here to clear blockage in her neck arteries.  We wish all good luck and a speedy recovery. Sorry, if we missed anyone. We decided to renew this Network Solutions web site at least one more year. Next meeting was scheduled for August 13.

Meeting 6/9/15
Steve Krause                         Winston Woodard
Bobby Eason                          Barbara Farmer
Charlotte Hammond               De Rust
Bill Flake                                 Don Whitmire
Bailey Patterson                      Joe White
Don Leggett                             Bill Barnes
Meeting at Pringles Park coordinated by Joe White. Jackson Generals played the Chattanooga Lookouts.  Joe gave us a trivia quiz on our High School  Baccalaureate Services.  Remember them?   De Rust volunteered to negotiate with the DoubleTree on the feasibility of having our 55th Reunion there.  First responses were in to our email polling classmates 
about interest in having a 55th reunion.  Next meeting to be 7/9 at Baudo's.

Meeting 5/7/15

Bobby Eason                        Marie Law
Joe Hammonds                    George Esch
Barbara Farmer                    Winston Woodard
De Rust                                 Jimmy Arnold
Charlotte Hammond             Jim Warmbrod
Don Whitmire                       Steve Krause
Terry Henry                           Joe White
Bill Barnes 

Joe White reminded everyone that he's looking forward to seeing us at Pringles Park on June 9 @ 6:45 PM for the Jackson Generals vs. Chattanooga Lookouts.  The latest list of attendees for our class picnic on June 5 was shared and updated.  
We need to get an estimate ASAP for planning purposes of the number of classmates who might attend our 55th Class Reunion in 2016.  A simple two response questionnaire will be sent out to our class email list.
Meeting 4/2/15

Don Whitmire                    Barbara Farmer
Marie Law                          Don Leggett
Steve Krause                      Winston Woodard
Jimmy Akin                        De Rust
Charlotte Hammond          Jimmy & Connie Arnold
Bobby Eason                      Bailey Patterson
Bill Barnes

Discussion was kicked off concerning a 55th Reunion Celebration for the Class of '61.  In response to the question of whether those present wanted to have a 55th next year, everyone attending felt that we were good for at least one more.  The next question was whether we wanted to have our 55th timed with the 2016 All Years JHS Alumni Reunion. This has been done fairly consistently by classes celebrating yearly milestone reunions and has some advantages. The only disadvantage seems to be that there are usually several groups competing for choice of facilities and hotel space. Of the facilities brought into the discussion the Double Tree seemed to be one of the better, if not the best, all around choice.  It was too early in the process to make a final decision, but De Rust was commissioned to follow up with availability and cost estimate discussions with DoubleTree management. Winston Woodard brought up the idea of catered BBQ in a local park, such as the one at Three Way.  That would be relatively cheap and afford an opportunity to visit at leisure. After some discussion it was decided that if we have timely class support and a firm estimate of attendees, we could manage a class event in conjunction with this 2015 All Years Alumni Reunion. We are sending out a class email ASAP, and requesting a  positive or negative response on whether you would be interested in a catered picnic on Friday, June 5, 2015 before the upcoming June 6, 2015 All Years Reunion as a '61 class activity.

De Rust is still looking for cookie bakers and clean-up help for this All Year's Reunion.  Contact her.  

The next planning meeting will be the first Thursday in May.  That's May 7, 2015 @ Baudo's @ 5:30 PM.  I hope you can make it.

Meeting 2/26/15

Joe Hammonds                Winston Woodard
Jim Warmbrod                  Bobby Eason
Steve Krause                     Jimmy Arnold
Bruce Herron                    Bill Barnes
De Rust                             Barbara Farmer
Don Whitmire                   George Esch
Don Leggett

The class sent a memorial to the Wounded Warrior Project in Jim Matthews' name and received a letter of acknowledgement.
Barbara Farmer and De Rust are representing our class at the JHS Alumni Reunion Committee meetings.  The first meeting was held Feb. 3 at the Woodbridge Townhouse Clubhouse. Annie Wilson Scott is the new treasurer of that group. Mimi Roland Allen remains as chairperson. De Rust is once again the cookie maven. The date of the Alumni Reunion is Saturday, June 6, 2015 at Madison Academic (our Jackson High) from 12:00 to 5:00 PM.  A program will be held in the auditorium at 2:00 PM. A feature of this year's program will be a video presentation of the history of the JHS Alma Mater by Jerry Barnette (JHS '66).

The Alumni Reunion Committee is asking each class to donate $100 out of their individual class reunion funds up front this year in addition to any individual donations to ensure a nice gift to Madison Academic Magnet High School.  These funds will help perpetuate the Jackson High School building.  Last year's individual donations were used to cover reunion expenses and the refurbishment of original class composites that are now hanging in the Rennaisance Center (old Jackson Jr. High on Dederick St.). Also there are 16x20 class composites along with a partial set of Tatlers which are stored in the Madison Academic Library. The Committee was unable to donate any excess funds to Madison Academic after last year's alumni reunion. We voted to give $100 out of our '61 class funds. If you would like to make any individual donations you can mail them to:
     JHS Alumni Reunion
      55 Central Lane
     Jackson, TN  38305
Better yet, why not come to the reunion on June 6 and drop whatever you wish in the boxes.

The next Class of '61 meeting will be at Baudo's on April 9 @ 5:30 PM.