Jackson High School

Class of 1961


55th Reunion

June 3rd & 4th, 2016

Meeting 10/6/16
Classmates Attending:

George Esch                              Barbara Farmer
Winston Woodard                      Joe White
Don Whitmire                            Don Leggett
Steve Krause                              Bobby Eason
Bill Barnes

No new business.  We discussed our ailments, etc. Next meeting was scheduled for November 10.  Vote and then come gloat or whine. Results should be final by then.

Meeting 7/28/16
Classmates Attending:

Jo & Jon Butler                         Winston Woodard
Barbara Farmer                          Don Leggett
Joe White                                   Becky Moore
Don Whitmire                            Bobby Brasfield
Steve Krause                               Bill Barnes
Bailey Patterson

We were saddened to learn of the death of Dorothy Welch James, mother of Lanier James, at 96 years of age in Collierville on July 18.  Winston reminded the group to make reservations for the Pigeon Forge mini-reunion Sept. 18-20. The possibility of a fish fry for a 75th birthday party was brought up if any classmates would be interested in that type of activity. The date still too far away to enter any serious discussions, but that is a possibility for a fun and cheap celebration. The next meeting was scheduled for August 25th, which will be a good time to wish Joe White a Happy Birthday.

Meeting 6/23/16
Classmates Attending:
De Rust                                       George Esch
Barbara Farmer                           Jim Warmbrod
Becky Moore                              Bailey Patterson
Don Whitmire                             Jim Akin
Steve Krause                               Bruce Herron
Bill Barnes                                  Charlotte Hammond
Jo & Jon Butler                           Bobby Eason

This was our first meeting after the 55th reunion.  We decided to continue to get together monthly to meet, socialize and eat just as we have in the past. The next gathering will be the last Thursday in July, 7/28/16. There is no pressing need to plan any activities in the near future.  The idea of a 75th birthday party was mentioned if enough interest is generated. It's something to keep in mind.

Class finances are sound.  Reunion revenues matched predicted expenses, and once again this year we had a generous donation that was unexpected. We decided to keep the class web site.  An email will be sent to all those with current email addresses on file to remind them that we do have a web site and encourage them to visit it.

Jerry Bishop and Winston Woodard want to remind all '61 classmates and spouses that they're still invited to join them for a 3 night mini-reunion in Pigeon Forge from Sunday, Sept 18 thru Tuesday, Sept. 20 this year. This outing is based out of Pigeon Forge's The Inn on the River.  There are lots of fun things to do in the area.  If you haven't already made reservations, and you have any questions about the event, please contact Jerry: 678-446-5080 or Winston 731-616-9573.

Next Meeting is Thursday, July 28, 2016 @ Baudo's @ 5:30 PM.

Meeting 4/21/16
Classmates Attending:
Bailey Patterson                         Don Whitmire
Becky Moore                             George Esch
Don Leggett                               Winston Woodard
Jim Warmbrod                            Marie Law
Bobby Eason                              Bruce Herron
Steve Krause                              Barbara Farmer
De Rust                                       Jimmy Akin
Bill Barnes

Everyone was glad to see Jimmy Akin show up at the meeting tonight, and we all hope his health continues to improve.  Ms. Worthy is better.  She celebrated her 90th birthday on Sunday, April 10. She has moved from General Hospital to West Tennessee Transitional Care.  If you would like to send her a card, her current address is:  
                   Ms. Edyth Worthy
                   c/o West Tennessee Transitional Care
                   Room A114
                   597 West Forrest Avenue
                   Jackson, TN  38305
As of meeting time we had 28 classmates and 10 guests paid up and the What's New Tab will reflect the names. We have to give DoubleTree a firm number 72 hours before the event.  We really need to have a good estimate well before then so we can ask for a firm price commitment from them less any incidental extras we may be liable for. Now is the time to send in your money if you've been waiting until closer to deadline. We continued the discussion about program format for Friday and Saturday night.  Several ideas have been proposed.  One that sounds especially promising is the prospect of Joe White exhibiting his professional keyboard skills in the program.  Keep your fingers crossed.  Joe was on the road to visit family in TX, but Winston was able to contact him by phone and make the proposal. Joe also wanted to remind all locals within travelling distance that we have the City of Jackson box and tickets to game on May 21 at Pringle's Park.  It is a free fireworks night at the ballpark. You should have gotten an email already and we will remind you by email again closer to the date.  Game time is 6:05 PM, so plan to meet Joe at the gate by at least 5:45PM. We will meet again in two weeks.  We need to continue reunion program planning. Next class meeting will be May 5 @ Baudo's @ 5:30 PM.

Meeting 3/31/16
Classmates Attending:
Don Whitmire                           George Esch
Barbara Farmer                         Marie Law
Becky Lomax Moore                Bailey Patterson
Steve Krause                             Jim Warmbrod
Bruce Herron                             Bobby Brasfield

It was a stormy night for a classmate meeting.  De Rust took the night off to recover from eye surgery. Jimmy Akin did get to come home to Jackson after the last meeting, and has been seen out roaming the streets of Jackson once again with the aid of a cane.  Peggy Killough aced her post surgery MRI, but is home doing physical therapy and awaiting an evaluation of post surgical tests and symptoms by her Cedars Sinai surgeon. We hope she hears good news and is on the mend. Most of you have heard by now that Edyth Worthy is in critical surgical care at Jackson General. She is suffering from a stomach tear and resulting infection. Reports are that she is has received limited visitors and is very weak.  The doctor feels that she is doing well, but that recovery will take a while.  Edyth will be 90 on April 10th.

We discussed the results of our phone calling campaign.  There were a couple more probables. Maybe they will be on the next update as certainties.
If you have any entertainment ideas for Friday and Saturday night we need to hear them.  Time is getting short now. 

After our Saturday night event the JHS Class of 1966 invites you to attend the dance portion of their reunion for $10.  The band Magi will be performing in the larger ballroom of the DoubleTree.

The All Years Alumni Reunion this year will feature a professional grade video of pictures from previous reunions edited by Jerry Barnette as a preliminary to the formal meeting at 2:00 PM in the auditorium. Part of the formal meeting will be a recognition of Tury Oman.  Mr. Oman's surviving family members are expected attendees.

Next meeting date is April 21st @ Baudo's @ 5:30 PM.

Tomorrow is April Fool's.  Be on your toes.

Meeting 3/3/16
Classmates Attending:

Joe Hammonds                        De Rust
Bruce Herron                           Don Leggett
Jim Warmbrod                         Steve Krause
Joe White                                 Charlotte Hammond
Winston Woodard                    Barbara Farmer
Don Whitmire                          Bailey Patterson
Bill Barnes

Joe White has reserved the City of Jackson box at The Jackson Generals Stadium (formerly Pringle's Park) for a May 21 Generals baseball game.  Keep this calendar date open.  It will include a Saturday night free fireworks show.  Further details will be announced later. 
We will be contacting class members by phone who haven't yet responded to the 55th Class Reunion letter. Response updates are posted under the What's New tab after each monthly planning meeting.  
Good news regarding Jimmy Akin.  We expect him to come home from Nashville tomorrow.  He is walking with a cane now.
ROMEO meeting will be the first Monday, March 7 @ Snappy Tomato Pizza in the Columns @ 12 noon.
The next planning meeting is scheduled for March 31. Same time, same place. Side arms and vests optional.

Meeting 2/4/16
Classmates Attending:

Bailey Patterson                     Don Whitmire
Barbara Farmer                      George Esch
Don Leggett                           De Rust
Steve Krause                          Bruce Herron
Charlotte Hammond              Jim Warmbrod
Joe White                               Joe Hammonds
Bobby Eason                          Winston Woodard
Winston Woodard                  Bill Barnes
 Jerry Bishop (via Winston's phone)

We want to urge everyone who has not yet responded Yea or Nay about attending the reunion to send in their application and/or money to Bruce. Don't make us resort to having to send George and his gang after you. An updated list of attendees as of this meeting is posted under What's New.  Bailey and Don W. gave an update on Jimmy Akin.  He is still in the hospital in Nashville and has shown more responsiveness there. We understand that he has been pushed around the facility in a wheel chair and is taking physical therapy. We hope he will continue to show improvement by next report.  George Esch reported that his mother is having another birthday.  Everyone passed birthday wishes on to her through him.

Meeting 1/7/16
Classmates Attending:

Bailey Patterson          Don Whitmire
Marie Law                   Charlotte Hammond
Steve Krause               Winston Woodard
Jim Warmbrod             Barbara Farmer
Bobby Eason                Bruce Herron
De Rust                       Bill Barnes

Two classmates were remembered as having serious medical problems that were in need of our prayers. Jimmy Akin is in the intensive care unit at Tennova Healthcare.  Peggy Killough is travelling to Cedars Sinai in Los Angeles for a surgical procedure to repair a CSF leakage. 
The class received a Thank You Note from Terry Henry's wife. Bailey Patterson was in attendance to give his personal Thank You to the class's response to the loss of his son. 
Bruce shared the initial responses of classmates who have already made reservations for the 55th reunion.  They are shown under the What's New Tab.
We will send out an email reminder to prompt further responses.
The next meeting is scheduled for Feb. 4th at Baudo's @ 5:30 PM.