Jackson High School

Class of 1961


50th Reunion

June 3rd & 4th, 2011

Meeting Oct. 26, 2017
Jim Warmbrod                          Winston Woodard
Barbara Farmer                         Joe White
Becky Moore                            Bobby Brasfield
De Rust                                     Bill Barnes
Steve Krause                             Bailey Patterson
Jimmy Akin

Hadley Hays (JHS '62) was at Baudo's and dropped in to say hello to everyone. We were all glad to see Jimmy Akin in attendance once again.  He was in rare form after an extended absence. We shared with those in attendance news of Jere Jennings's health issues. Jere recently learned that he has an aortic aneurism that will require surgery. The discovery was the result of tests for pneumonia which he was also diagnosed as having. At that time he was scheduled for surgery on Nov16 subject to sign off by his cardiologist and pulmonologist.  He and Judy are going to need all our prayers.  Once again this year we are not going to schedule a meeting in Nov. and Dec. to allow more family holiday time.  We hope to see everyone in Jan. at a date to be decided. 
Addendum:  On Friday after this meeting we learned that Jere had a heart cath and a stent had to be installed to correct a blockage.  This will delay the aorta surgery..
Meeting Sept. 28, 2017
Bailey Patterson                           George Esch
Winston Woodard                        Steve Krause
Don Leggett                                 Bill Barnes
Becky Moore                               De Rust
Barbara Farmer                            Phil Sims
Joe White                                     Bobby Eason

We sent a Happy Card to Ms. Edyth Worthy from the class signed by this month's meeting attendees.  There was some further discussion of the 70th birthday party and location.  We old folks couldn't stay focused to reach any decisions about the 70th.  As of right now the offer of a place between Saulsbury and Middleton, an hour and 10 minutes estimated drive from Jackson available on the Saturday, June 9th is still on the table.  I know I've said Grand Junction, TN before, but Grand Junction would be on the opposite side of Saulsbury from Middleton, so perhaps that location was "fake news".  There is ample space for large groups, ours would most likely be on the small side.  Swimming, fishing, boating, or more likely, just relaxing and reminiscing can be enjoyed.  Refreshments and eats most likely to be catered and financed by the class funds.  Further discussion or decision making was tabled until next meeting.  The October meeting has been scheduled for Thursday, Oct. 26th @ Baudo's @ 5:30PM.  
Meeting July 20, 2017

Barbara Farmer                                            George Esch
De Rust                                                         Becky Moore
Bobby Brasfield                                            Bailey Patterson
Winston Woodard                                         Bill Barnes
Joe White                                                      Steve Krause
Don Leggett                                                  Jimmy Arnold

Cards were passed around to be sent from the class to Mary Hopper (Mrs. Tim Hopper) and Paula Cook. We received word that Tim had passed away last June in Olive Branch, MS.  Paula is seriously ill in Maplewood here in Jackson.  Joe White was pleased at the groups attendance at the Jackson Generals ball game so he's going to try to schedule another box reservation this season. There was some discussion about the proposed monthly meeting in the Memphis area. If we decide to run with the idea it was suggested that it be a lunch outing on this side of Memphis to help those of us who don't like to drive at night.  We old codgers need all the help we can get. Nothing was finalized, but the suggestion has been mentioned to some of Barbara's Memphis area contacts.  Bobby Brasfield was at the meeting and I'm sure we can count on him for suggestions and support as usual. Don Whitmire was on the road. The next class meeting will be Thursday, August 24 @ Baudo's @ 5:30 PM.  ROMEOs will meet Monday, August 7 @ noon @ Hibachi Grill.
Meeting June 15, 2017

Winston Woodard                                       Becky Moore
George Esch                                                De Rust
Bailey Patterson                                          Don Whitmire
Charlotte Hammond                                   Steve Krause
Bill Barnes                                                  Don Leggett
Jimmy Arnold                                             Joe White
Barbara Farmer                                           Bruce Herron

The suggestion was brought before the group that we hold a dinner meeting/get-together on a trial basis in Memphis.  The object of the trial would be to see if we can generate any interest in the group of classmates now living in that area to join us. Several ladies volunteered or perhaps, were volunteered, to call their Memphis friends. We would like to have a decision made before September on whether to proceed. It would be a nice thing to do if we can generate participation from our regulars plus some of our people from outside the Jackson area.

Joe White was on hand to distribute tickets for the Jackson Generals vs. Montgomery Biscuits game on July 15.  It's a fireworks Saturday night at the ballpark.  Game time is 6:05PM.  If you were unable to attend this meeting to pick up a ticket you need to get in touch with Joe.  His ticket supply is limited and demand has been running high, so please make arrangements with Joe quickly.

Prepayment for continuation of web site will be coming due next month. We have never had any decisive evidence that traffic to the site is from our people who derive some benefit from it's existence, or whether it is just a drain on class cash resources. We have asked for feedback before via email, but response has been feeble. It appears now that the web site will be financed for another year, due to some reported usage and no strongly stated objections to using class funds.  

Remember the ball game is July 15th and the next class meeting is July 20 at Baudo's at 5:30PM.
Meeting May 18, 2017

De Rust                                                         Jim Warmbrod
George Esch                                                 Barbara Farmer
Winston Woodard                                         Steve Krause
Don Whitmire                                              Charlotte Hammond
Don Leggett                                                  Jimmy Arnold
Joe White                                                      Bailey Patterson
Bobby Eason                                                 Bill Barnes

David Jones just completed a 4 hour surgery for throat cancer. He came out of the operation okay was our last word. Our condolences go out to Becky (Clanton) Ward on the loss of her husband Jimmy on May 7.  A memorial service for Jimmy was held at Fellowship Bible Church.
Joe White will bring tickets to the July 15 Jackson Generals game and fireworks show to the next meeting on June 15. If you would like to join the class and can't make the meeting you need to negotiate with Joe. There will only be a limited number of tickets available.  The JHS Alumni Reunion at Madison Academic and our JHS '61 Class Picnic at ThreeWay will be on Saturday, June 3. The next class meeting will be on June 15 @ Baudo's @ 5:30 PM.
Meeting April 20, 2017
De Rust                                 Winston Woodard
George Esch                          Barbara Farmer
Becky Moore                         Bruce Herron
Jimmy Arnold                        Don Whitmire
Steve Krause                          Joe White
Bill Barnes

  We updated each other on the health of classmates that we knew about. Keep them in your thoughts. Glenn McCullar is recovering at home after receiving 3 heart stints, Paula Cook is in the hospital.  
  Joe White has the skybox for the Jackson Generals baseball game on July 15 and is inviting all classmates that he can fit into the box to join him at the game.  We may encounter stricter ticketing protocols on box access, but haven't had any problems in any of our previous outings and don't really anticipate anything we can't handle this time. It will be a fireworks night. We will provide more details and send out a class email closer to game date.
All JHS '61 classmates should receive an email with details of the All Alumni Jackson High Annual Reunion very quickly.  The All Years is Saturday, June 3 from noon-5:00PM at Madison Academic High School. If you haven't seen or heard the times and themes from information that has been shared by that planning committee already, check your email. Our class voted to make a donation to help cover expenses for the All Years.  In addition, this year their planning committee is suggesting a donation of at least $5.00 per person for those wanting to help the cause. Buckets will be available at the event, or there is an address for the event treasurer if you would like to contribute either before or after.  As before, the event itself is free.
De Rust will be looking for cookies and for volunteers to help with setup work for the event.  If you'd like to help with either please contact her. She is the reigning cookie guru for this annual event. 
  The class of '61 will have a picnic in the park at Three Way starting at 6:00 PM on the evening of June 3.  We will be furnishing the food and beverages, so if you think you will attend please let us know.  RSVP is not required,  but it would be appreciated for ordering purposes. We had more food than we needed at our last picnic. We look forward to seeing any classmates and guests attending the Jackson High All Years Reunion. Three Way Park is a very short drive from Jackson High School and that reunion closes at 5:00 PM.
  Our next monthly class meeting will be Thursday, May 18 at Baudo's at 5:30 PM.

Bobby, Jeanie & Charlotte
Becky, Barbara & George
De & Jimmy
Jimmy, Don & Bruce
Bill & Steve
Attendees 2/16/17 Photos Courtesy of Winston
Meeting Feb. 16, 2017
Classmates Attending:
Winston Woodard                     George Esch
Barbara Farmer                         Becky Moore
Bruce Herron                            Don Whitmire
Jimmy Akin                              Steve Krause
Charlotte Hammond                 Jeanie Todd
Jimmy Arnold                           De Rust
Bobby Eason                             Bill Barnes

Everyone was pleasantly surprised by the good turnout of classmates.  Bruce gave our class financial statement.  We're doing very well, thank you. The class learned that Lanny Puckett's father had passed away. If enough interest is shown, we may have a class specific event around the annual JHS All Years Alumni Reunion for 2017. Something similar to the class picnic at Three Way Park was briefly discussed. Those that attended the picnic around the JHS All Years Alumni in 2015 made positive comments as to its success. If anyone has any ideas, or just wants to express an opinion on whether to have an event or not, please share with us. We're at the earliest stage of this idea.  The All Years Alumni Planners are interested in any pictures that you might have of Dramatic Club activity at JHS for this year's event. If you happen to have any squirrelled away, they would like to incorporate them into this year's video presentation. The All Year's Alumni event should be in early June. 

The next class meeting will be March 16 @ Baudo's @ 5:30 PM.
Meeting Jan 19, 2017
Classmates Attending:
George Esch                             Barbara Farmer
De Rust                                     Bailey Patterson
Don Whitmire                           Becky Moore
Winston Woodard                     Joe White
Steve Krause                             Bobby Eason
Bill Barnes   

This was our first meeting of the new year.  We have no new class business before us. We shared a few updates on the health and well being of classmates that we knew about. Charlotte Hammond fell out the door of her house and broke her arm. Saundra Lancaster Gamble has completed another back surgery.  Carolyn Meeks Brindley has had knee replacement surgery. Steve Krause is scheduled for a MRI at Vanderbilt in March for an enlarged prostate and elevated PSA. Edyth Worthy continues to recuperate well and has been able to travel. She now has a facebook page. We wish all those individuals and classmates with issues the best of  luck and a speedy recovery.  George Esch's mother will be 101 on her next birthday on February 8. We hope Don Whitmire is out of the dog house for forgetting to connect with Ginger and take her home with him after the meeting. The next meeting is scheduled for Feb. 16, 2017.