Jackson High School

Class of 1961


50th Reunion

June 3rd & 4th, 2011

Class Meeting 11/21/19
Bailey Patterson                 Bill Fenner
Bobby Brasfield                  Steve Krause
Winston Woodard               Jimmy Arnold
George Esch                      Bill Barnes
Becky Moore                      Barbara Farmer

We convened at Logan's Roadhouse for the November Meeting.  Earlier this month the class saddened to learn of the death of two JHS '61 Classmates, Jere Jennings and Donna (Pennington) Allison.  The Pigeon Forge mini-reunion was held Nov 4-6 at The Inn on the River in Pigeon Forge.  Pictures have been posted on the JHS Class of 1961 facebook page.  In attendance were Jerry/Jane Bishop, Winston/Sue Woodard, Don/Norma Leggett, Dick/Sally Bruer, Kerry Reeder, Anne/Paul Dearing,Albert/Sandra Hearn,Rita/David Barton,Sandra Jones, Kinnie/Janet Dismuke, James/Judy Green.  Activities this year included a scenic drive through Wear Valley and the Tribute to Elvis show at the Main Event Theater.  The October Class meeting took place as scheduled at Mama Baudo's Chow Bella.  No notes were published.  The ROMEO group plan to meet in December at Snappy Tomato Pizza on the first Monday @ noon.  The Class will not meet in December for a monthly get together due to the Christmas holidays.  We will start again in January on the 16th of the month and chose Logan's as the place.

Class Meeting 9/26/19
Steve Krause                     George Esch
Becky Moore                     Barbara Farmer
Jimmy Arnold                    Bruce Herron
Bill Barnes                         Phillip Sims
Don Leggett                       Bill Fenner
Bailey Patterson

We learned that Glenn McCullar suffered mini-stroke like symptoms while in Decatur, AL for a horse show.  We don't believe that there has been any serious damage due to this medical event at this time. Late breaking word is that he was never admitted to the hospital for a stay and the doctors have released him to come home.  Keep Glenn and family in your thoughts and prayers.  This class meeting at Los Portales coincided with the "soft reopening" of Baudo's as Mama's Chow Bella.  It is likely that the next monthly meeting will be held there if Chow Bella has the room and would like to accomodate us as a class.  Therefore the place is TBD (To Be Decided) and the time of our next meeting is Thursday, Oct. 24, 2019.

Class Meeting 8/22/19
Bill Fenner                      Bailey Patterson
Phil Sims                         Charlotte Hammond
Bill Barnes                       Becky Moore
Barbara Farmer                George Esch
Winston Woodard             Joe White
Bobby Eason                    Steve Krause

We met at Cheddar's this month.  We were missing De Rust who is in the hospital with pneumonia.  We've had several votes/responses to the email requesting a vote either for or against keeping the web site after this year.  Next month we will try Los Portales if they want us.  Anybody craving Mexican?  Meeting date is September 26th and the usual email will be sent out confirming date and location before then.

Class Meeting 7/25/19
De Rust                           Becky Moore
Steve Krause                   Don Whitmire
Barbara Farmer               George Esch
Bill Barnes

The class was saddened to learn of the death of Guilford Jones.  Guilford passed away in Redington Shores, FL from heart failure after suffering from Parkinson's disease for the last 15 years. He had retired to Florida after a long  and successful academic career at Boston University in the chemistry field. Guilford will be cremated and his remains will be buried with family here in Jackson at Hollywood Cemetery probably some time in August.  Information will be shared with the class as soon as we learn more.  

Jerry Barnett JHS '63 is seeking information and memorabilia about bands and entertainment groups composed of Jackson High school students to use in making a video for the All Year's Alumni Reunion next June.  If you have anything that you think he could use please contact him. Jerry is the administrator of one of the Jackson High School facebook pages:  Jackson High School Class of 1963 50th Reunion .  

Yearly payment for the class web site is due in August.  After discussing the cost of keeping a class web site vs. dropping it this year we decided to dip into class funds once again.  We will send out a separate money request to all classmates asking if they would like to reimburse the class fund for this year's expense. The results of the money request should clearly show how much as a group we value having this web site.

We will meet next month on August 22 @ Cheddar's @ 5:30 PM

Class Meeting 5/23/19
Bruce Herron                     Barbara Farmer
Bailey Patterson                George Esch
Joe White                           Bobby Brasfield
Bill Fenner                         Jim Warmbrod
Don Whitmire                    Becky Moore
Jim Akin                            Bill Barnes
Steve Krause                      Bobby Eason

Remember the JHS All Years Reunion on June 1.  Thanks to Joe White the Class of 61 has tickets to the game between the Jackson Generals and the Biloxi Shuckers on Thursday, June 13, 2019.  Game time is at 6:05PM.  A class representative will be on hand at the gate 15 minutes prior to game time to hand you a ticket to the sky box suite.  Probably won't be Joe.  Maybe BB, or Winston, or a reasonable facsimile.  Look for a familiar friendly classmate face. The promotion is Dollar Night Thursday.  Most refreshments are cheap, only $1. The next class meeting will be at Logan's @5:30 PM on Thursday, June 27.  
Class Meeting 4/25/19
George Esch                       Becky Moore
Barbara Farmer                  Don Whitmire
Phillip Sims                        Bill Barnes
Winston Woodard               Don Leggett
Jimmy Arnold

Sympathy goes out to Tom Booth's family on the loss of his mother Ruth.  Attendance at the meeting was light, but the service and accommodations furnished by Perkins restaurant went well.  ROMEO venue for May is still to be decided.  To date nothing special is planned for the Class of '61 during the All Years Alumni reunion the first weekend in June of this year.  Also there has been no news of plans from the Pigeon Forge mini- reunioners for the upcoming year.  Next month we will try Logan's for our regular class meeting.  Time and date will be 5:30 PM on Thursday, May 23.
Class Meeting 3/28/19
George Esch                              Becky Moore 
Barbara Farmer                   Don Whitmire
Bailey Patterson                  Bill Fenner
Jimmy Arnold                     Steve Krause
Joe White                           Phil Sims
Bill Barnes                          Jim Akin

We will continue with our plan to try new restaurants.  Several names put forth at this meeting were Mulligan's, Perkins and Redbone.
We will start with Perkins for our next monthly meeting.  The April meeting will be @ 5:30PM @ Perkins on April 25, 2019.

Class Meeting 2/21/19
George Esch                         Joe White
Becky Moore                       Steve Krause
Phillip Sims                          Bill Fenner
Bailey Patterson                   Don Whitmire
De Rust                                 Barbara Farmer
Bruce Herron                        Bill Barnes
Winston Woodard                 Bobby Eason

We sent a sympathy card to Jere Jennings and a birthday card to Edyth Worthy from the class.  We voted to meet again next month at the Flatiron Grille if we can get the private room.  Individual meal prices were generally higher, but there was no extra charge for the privacy, wine lovers had a nice selection, and we had our favorite Baudo's waitress, Patricia, as our server.  If you have any other ideas for meeting sites you'd like to try please make them known. Our next meeting will be Thursday, March 21, 2019.  You should have email as soon as we find out if the private room is available at Flatiron.           

William Fenner - JHS '58 or thereabouts. Special Guest at the first meeting of the new year.
Class Meeting 1/17/19
Becky Moore                        Barbara Farmer
George Esch                          Jim Warmbrod
Steve Krause                         Bailey Patterson
Bill Barnes                            Bruce Herron
Jim Akin                               Don Whitmire
Jimmy Arnold                       Joe White
Winston Woodard                 Bobby Brasfield
Bobby Eason                         Don Leggett
William Fenner

This was our last meeting at Baudo's Restaurant.  They are closing their doors after Saturday, 1/19/19.  Things were hectic for the wait staff and cooks as larger crowds patronized Baudo's for one last time.  The parking lot was completely full. We were lucky to have our private meeting area for one final time.  We had most of the locals that regularly attend plus Bobby Brasfield from Olive Branch, MS and special guest William Fenner from JHS '58.  We will have our next meeting the same time on February 21st with the place to be announced later.  Winston suggested that we try several restaurants to determine which one would be the best fit for the majority of the group.  Becky Moore will contact the Flat Iron Grill to find out if they would like to accommodate us for our next meeting.  Expect an email confirmation of either the Flat Iron or another substitute meeting place before Feb. 21.  
Don Leggett issued a blanket invitation to his classmates to attend his wedding services on Saturday, Feb. 23 @ 10:30 AM in the Chapel at Englewood Baptist Church.  Don will be marrying Norma Martindale JHS '60.  It will be a small wedding for family and friends of Don and Norma and no formal invitations will be sent out.
You will most probably find our favorite Baudo's waitress Patricia working at either Flat Iron or Texas Roadhouse in the future.