Jackson High School

Class of 1961


50th Reunion

June 3rd & 4th, 2011

Friday Night Meet and Greet
Marie (Alexander) Law, Charlotte Hammond, James Green, Johnny Williams, Billy Rodgers at Friday Night Sign In
Johnny Williams, Kerry Reeder, Bill Flake, Jerry Bishop and Libby Cash
De (Smith) Rust, Jo (Wood) Butler, Saundra (Lancaster) Gamble, Maudie (Marlin) Kite-Powell, Nan (Foust) Harris
Susan (Jackson) Harwood, Donna (Caradine) Baldridge and Bobby Eason
Winston Woodard and Kim (Kimberlin) Vescovo
Wayne Bates, Jim Matthews, Jerry Bishop
Billy Allen and Guilford Jones
Virginia (Boyd) Hudson
Pat Stewart, Jim Zumwalt, Billy Allen and Brooks Clayton
Billy Rodgers (back), Peggy Killough, Pat Steward and Joe White
James Green puts the squeeze on Charlotte Hammond, Peggy Killough (background)
Maudie (Marlin) Kite-Powell and Billy Allen
Charlotte Hammond and Jeanie (McGee) Todd
Jimmy Todd and George Esch
Linda (McGee) Clayton and Brooks Clayton (back)
Jimmy Todd and Joe Hammonds
Maelene Barnes, Jeanie (McGee) Todd, Barbara (Hinton) Farmer
Linda (Scott) Cody and Bailey Patterson
Linda (Scott) Cody and Bailey Patterson
James Green, Jimmy Akin and Joe Hammonds
Pat Stewart, Peggy Killough and Billy Rodgers
Barbara (Hinton) Farmer and Charles Seward
Tomme Booth and Johnny Williams
Lynn Leeman and Sheila
Becky (Lomax) Moore, Martha (Markham) Morris and Donna (Caradine) Baldridge
Don Whitmire, Peggy Killough, Karen (Walker) Wilson
Dot Allen, Ralph Winslow and Vonnie Allen
May Louise (Tisdale) Zumwalt and Dot Allen
Lanier James, Martha (Markham) Morris, Phil Morris
Duygu (Sanda) Alemdaroglu, Smitty Smith, Glenda Rodgers
Don Leggett, Jimmy Arnold and Dee (Smith) Rust
Bailey Patterson
Judith (Newsom) Albino, Becky (Webb) Wilson and Lucy (Albree) Levitan
Peggy Killough and Martha (Markham) Morris
Kerry and Penny Reeder
Dick Bruer, Jimmy Arnold, Phil Sims, Carl Tisdal and Bruce Herron
Bill Flake, James Green, Jimmy Todd
Bailey Patterson, Sharon Matthews and Jim Matthews
Charlotte Hammond, Donna (Caradine) Baldridge and Barbara (Hinton) Farmer
Bill Flake and Joe Hammonds
Glenn McCullar and Terry Henry
George Esch, Brenda (Rogers) Rieffel, Glenn McCullar and Terry Henry
George, Brenda, Glenn and Terry
George Esch, Brenda (Rogers) Rieffel and Glenn McCullar
George Esch, Terry Henry and Peggy Killough
Nan (Foust) Harris, Jo (Wood) Butler, Maudie (Marlin) Kite-Powell
Linda (McGee) Clayton, Barbara (Hinton) Farmer, Pat (Little) Freeman
Bobby Eason and Charles Seward
Charlotte Hammond, Billy Allen, Marie (Alexander) Law, Mary Jayne Allen,Don Leggett, Dick Bruer
Sharon and Jim Matthews
Phil Morris, Martha (Markham) Morris, Charlotte Hammond and Phil Sims
Don Leggett and Dick Bruer
Don and Dick
Phillip Sims and Jimmy Arnold
Christa (Tarpley) Winslow and May Louise (Tisdale) Zumwalt
Stephen Krause and May Louise (Tisdale) Zumwalt
Ed Brindley and Saundra (Lancaster) Gamble
Bobby Eason and Billy Allen
George Esch and De (Smith) Rust
Steve and Maudie (Marlin) Kite-Powell and Charlotte Hammond
Ann (Pearson) McLemore, Guilford Jones and Jo (Wood) Butler
Bailey Patterson, Sharon Matthews ? (back), and Billy Rodgers
Winston Woodard, Guilford Jones and Kim (Kimberlin) Vescovo
Lanier James and Mary
Becky (Webb) Wilson and Kim (Kimberlin) Vescovo
Billy Rodgers, Susan (Jackson) Harwood, Bill Way
Ann (Pearson) McLemore, Nan (Foust) Harris, Guilford Jones, Jo (Wood) Butler, Maudie (Marlin) Kite-Powell, Steve Kite-Powell
Carolyn (Meeks) Brindley and Bitsy (Wyatt) Woodson
Judith (Newsom) Albino, Carolyn (Meeks) Brindley, Ed Brindley, Ray Woodson, Bitsy (Wyatt) Woodson, Carl Tisdal, Jo (Wood) Butler, Charles Seward, Saundra (Lancaster) Gamble
Bruce Herron
Jeanie (McGee) Todd
Duygu (Sanda) Alemdaroglu
Duygu (Sanda) Alemdaroglu
Charlotte as Patsy Cline
And they still sound the same, as when you were here
Guilford Jones
Carolyn (Meeks) Brindley and Bruce Herron
Susan (Jackson) Harwood and The Golden Bear
Dutch Treat Breakfast at Old Country Store
Old Country Store: Karen (Walker) Wilson, Peggy Killough, Brenda (Rogers) Rieffel and Paula (Mitchell) Cook
Foreground: Saundra (Lancaster) Gamble, Kim (Kimberlin) Vescovo, Barbara (Hinton) Farmer, Carolyn (Meeks) Brindley, Ed Brindley
Saundra (Lancaster) Gamble and Kim (Kimberlin) Vescovo
Virginia (Boyd) Hudson and Connie Hudson
Donna (Caradine) Baldridge and Michael Baldridge
Marie (Alexander) Law and Bill Flake
Steve Krause and Frances (Colvin) Newell
Cecile and Rick Hammond
Joe Hammonds, Lucy (Albree) Levitan, Libby Cash and Jerry Bishop (back)
Martha (Markham) Morris and Phil Morris
Bailey Patterson, Don Whitmire and Ann (Pearson) McLemore
Jo (Wood) Butler and Linda (Scott) Cody
Jerry Bishop, Peggy Killough, Brenda (Rogers) Rieffel, Paula (Mitchell) Cook
Pat Stewart and Billy Rodgers
Johnny Williams and Pepper Bray
Glenn McCullar and Jimmy Arnold
Joe Hammonds, Lucy (Albree) Levitan and Libby Cash
Guilford Jones
Becky (Webb) Wilson and Spence Wilson
Guilford Jones
Kerry Reeder, Penny Reeder, Maudie (Marlin) Kite-Powell
Steve and Maudie (Marlin) Kite-Powell, Jo (Wood) Butler, Winston Woodard, Donna (Caradine) Baldridge
Jim Zumwalt and Barbara (Hinton) Farmer
John and Mary Pechonick
May Louise (Tisdale) Zumwalt and Linda (Scott) Cody
Becky (Webb) Wilson and Duygu (Sanda) Alemdaroglu
Julie (Cook) Murchison and Paula (Mitchell) Cook
Virginia Hudson and Edyth Worthy
Edyth Worthy
Joe Hammonds, Peggy Killough, Brenda (Rogers) Rieffel and Winston Woodard
Alfred E. Neuman, Barbara (Hinton) Farmer, Jim Warmbrod
Connie Hudson and Virginia (Boyd) Hudson
Jerry Bishop, Buddy Patey, Joe Hammonds and Libby Cash
Pepper Bray
Saturday School Bus Tour
Billy Allen, James Green, Bruce Herron, Don Leggett, Libby Cash, Jerry Bishop, May Louise Tisdale Zumwalt, Jim Zumwalt, Vonnie Allen, Bailey Patterson, Jimmy Arnold, Jim Matthews
Final Stop: Jackson High School now called Madison Academic Academy
The stage and auditorium are much the same after 50 years
Left Stage Doorway
Right Stage Doorway
Saturday Night
James Green, Jimmy Akin and Joe White
Jimmy Arnold and Charles McLemore
Jeanie (McGee) Todd and Duygu (Sanda) Alemdaroglu
Saundra (Lancaster) Gamble, Jeanie (McGee) Todd, Mitch Carter (head)
Group picture time
Brooks Clayton, Kerry and Penny Reeder
De (Smith) Rust, Charles Seward, Maudie Marlin Kite-Powell, Nan (Foust) Harris
Carl Tisdal and Ricky Hammond
Jerry and Jane Bishop
Duygu (Sanda) Alemdaroglu and Judith (Newsom) Albino
Carolyn (Meeks) Brindley, Saundra (Lancaster) Gamble and Kim (Kimberlin) Vescovo
Lanier James, Bailey Patterson and Don Whitmire
Bill Flake
Joe and Linda Hammonds
Dee (Smith) Rust and George Esch
Vonnie and Dot Allen
Stephen Krause
Jimmy and Connie Arnold
Susan (Jackson) Harwood
Peggy Killough, Brenda (Rogers) Rieffel and Karen (Walker) Wilson
May Louise (Tisdale) Zumwalt, Frances (Colvin) Newell
Christa (Tarpley) Winslow and Ralph Winslow
The road to a friend s house is never long
Judy (Allen) Jennings and Lanier James
Connie and Virginia (Boyd) Hudson
Jere and Judy (Allen) Jennings
Winston and Sue Woodard, Jimmy and Connie Arnold
Glenda and Billy Rodgers, Charlotte Hammond
Brenda (Rogers) Rieffel, Karen (Walker) Wilson, Jere and Judy Jennings
Becky (Clanton) Ward and Jimmy Ward
Duygu (Sanda) Alemdaroglu and Susan (Jackson) Harwood
Duygu and Susan
Happy Birthday, Duygu!
Duygu (Sanda) Alemdaroglu, Susan (Jackson) Harwood, Jeanie (McGee) Todd
Duygu makes a wish
Don Whitmire presents Duygu with 50 Year Reunion shadowbox
Don Whitmire and Duygu (Sanda) Alemdaroglu
Jim Zumwalt
Libby Cash
Saundra (Lancaster) Gamble
Billy Allen
Lanier James presents 50 year reunion shadowboxes
Barbara (Hinton) Farmer, Charlotte (Patsy Cline) Hammond and Lanier James
Barbara (Hinton) Farmer, Charlotte Hammond, Bruce Herron and Lanier James
Joe Hammonds needs a shoulder to cry on
Legendary folk hero Jimmy Akin tells the story of that fateful day from his viewpoint
Susan (Jackson) Harwood must have forgotten a lot about how the girls behaved back in the day
Carolyn (Meeks) Brindley was almost busted in Georgia
Carolyn (Meeks) Brindley
The Fabulous Delacardos Jerry Campbell, Ron Canter, Steve Little, Christy Little, Bill Way and Cecil Cravens
Steve and Christy Little
Sixteen Candles for Duygu while Don and Winston listen
A special birthday serenade for Duygu
Steve Little wishes Duygu a happy birthday
Cecil Cravens sings bass for the Delacardos