Jackson High School

Class of 1961


2nd All Years Reunion & '61 Class Party 6/1/13

Ms. Edyth Ann Worthy shares some of her memories of the past classes
Harbert Alexander gives his historical perspective
Mrs. Virginia Hudson
Katie Austin ('50) and Bobby Austin
Jimmy Arnold ('61), Don Leggett ('61), Betty Winston ('50) and Katie Austin ('50)
Carolyn Dodds ('61), Peggy Case
Kinzie Barker ('50) and Bailey Patterson ('61)
Rosemary Ervin ('60)
Dottie Freeman ('60), Rosemary Ervin ("60), Margaret Rucker ('60) and Amy Hefley ('60)
Gene Case ('60), Mike McCullar ('62), Jimmy Arnold ('61)
Brenda Stone ('59) and Bob Garrard ('56)
Brenda Monroe Moses & Harbert Alexander
Sue & Winston Woodard
Jimmy & Connie Arnold, Don Leggett
Paula Cook and daughter, Carla Cook Hightower
Mary Ann & Don Leggett
Barbara Farmer
Bill Flake
Susan Harwood & Bailey Patterson
De Rust

First Annual JHS All Years Reunion and Class Parties June 1 & 2, 2012
Jim Warmbrod, Lanier James & Marie Alexander Law
Charlotte Hammond & Maelene Barnes
Jeanie McGee Todd
Winston & Sue Woodard
George Esch
Terry & Barbara Henry
Joe White
De Smith Rust, Jo Wood Butler & Jon Butler
Joe & Susie White
Mary Ann Leggett & Joe Hammonds
Bill Flake
Jane & Jerry Bishop
Lanier James & Mary
Ginger & Don Whitmire
Jim & Sharon Matthews
Barbara Hinton Farmer & Tom Farmer
Jim Warmbrod, Marie Alexander Law & Charlotte Hammond
Maelene & Bill Barnes
Ann Betty Dearing & Marie Alexander Law
Paul & Ann Betty Dearing
Judith Newsom Albino
Bobby Eason
Winston Woodard, Bobby Eason & Sue Woodard
Don & Mary Ann Leggett
Kay Ferree '63, Marie Alexander Law & Bill Mainord
Diane Young Greene '62 & George Esch
Maelene Barnes & Doris Latham Toole '62
Katie Cannon Austin '50 & Bobby Austin
Dottie Watson Freeman '60
Bailey Patterson & Tommy Buntin '51
Larry Bell '55 & Ann Phillips Bell '56
Judith Newsom Albino, Barbara Hinton Farmer & Winston Woodard
Bobby Eason & Steve Krause
Maelene Barnes & Betty Ferree Powers
Betty Ferree Powers, Bill Barnes & Charlotte Hammond
Donna Caradine Baldridge & Michael Baldridge
Donna Caradine Baldridge, Meredith Jones Holder '70 & Ginny Martin Lewis '70
Don Leggett & Mike Powers '59
Beverly Roote Hall '53 & Cornelia Hall Tiller '47
Jean Smith, wife of Leonard "Mush" Smith '45 who doesn't want to be photgraphed
Donna Caradine Baldridge '61 & John Shires '60
Bobby Brasfield & Jerry Bishop
Paul Dearing, Bobby Eason & Stephen Krause
Don & Mary Ann Leggett
Judith Newsom Albino
Barbara Hinton Farmer & Bill Flake
Dick Bruer