Jackson High School

Class of 1961


50th Reunion

June 3rd & 4th, 2011

A True Bear Tale From The Reunion

Do you remember the bigger than life Golden Bear that made his debut greeting classmates at our 50 year reunion?  He managed to catch the eye of one of our classmates' spouses.  She was so smitten by his charms that she hatched a diabolical plot to kidnap Mr. Bear and make him her own BBFF (Best Bear Friend Forever).  She enlisted the aid of her husband, Jim Warmbrod, and Libby Cash toward this end.  Please remember that all were awesome "Golden Bears" back in their day, but they were no match for the new kid on the block.  Mr. Bear was fast, and way too clever for the three.  He managed to evade their best efforts to trap him as the reunion wound down.  The remnants of the gang became desperate and enlisted the aid of one Lanier James, a clever entrepreneur with powerful connections.  Somehow, James, Warmbrod, and Cash managed to snag Mr. Bear's identical twin brother.  In dealing with individuals such as these it doesn't pay to ask too many questions as to the methods they employed.  Mr. Golden Bear II arrived unexpectedly at the Tom Booth home resigned to the fact that he was to live happily with Tom and Mary K. for the rest of his natural bear years.  He is now adjusting well, sharing the love, and doing whatever it is that golden bears do. 

Thank you Tom and Mary K. Booth for sharing your pictures and the shaggy bear story with us.  We'll see you at the next reunion.
Golden Bear and Mary K. Booth