Jackson High School

Class of 1961


55th Reunion

June 3rd & 4th, 2016




1943  Most members of the Class of 1961 were born this year.


1949  Elementary school began in September of this year. For       members of the class in Jackson at that time, the schools were Alexander, West Jackson, Whitehall, and Parkview.


1955  1955 Elementary school ended in May. Excitement was due to everyone going to the Junior High next year.


Class members began the seventh grade in September at Jackson Junior High.


Jackson Junior High highlights differ for each member, but some were dodge ball in the concrete gym, pitching pennies, then nickels, Bishop hiding all football players personal protection devices from the gym, George Williams explaining to Mr. Rather why his Cadillac could not get him to school on time, riding home with Mr. & Mrs. Pechonick in their 1956 Chevy with power pack, and Carl Tisdale getting hung on the flagpole by his belt.


1957   Tigrett Junior opened in this year and the former eighth grade was split with half going to Tigrett and half remaining at Jackson Junior.


Tigrett memories were Rebel football, watching Maggie Jo Gray sleep in English class and Pepper Bray�s 1958 black Chevy with everything sold that year.


1958  The tenth grade for the Class of 1961 began at Jackson High School in September, 1958


1960  Our senior year began in September.


1961.  1961  Class Day was at 10:00 am on Friday, June 2. We graduated that evening with the ceremony beginning at 8:00 pm.


How large was our class? 185 classmates were in the Tatler, 186 pictures were placed in the Class of 1961 composite photo (formerly hung on the wall at JHS), 170 classmates were listed in the mini Tatler for the 10 year reunion, 192 classmates were listed in the 20 year mini Tatler, 198 are listed in our current e mail and phone list.


1971  1971  The first reunion for the Class of 1961 was held at the Jackson Golf and Country Club. Bill Way acted as the master of ceremonies. There were tapes of songs popular in 1961 and prizes for different classmates. The class picture included 161 classmates.


1981  1981  The second reunion for the Class of 1961 celebrated our twentieth year after high school.  There was a Saturday morning breakfast at the Old Country Store for class members only with a dinner and dance at the Civic center at 7 pm. There were 89 classmates in the class picture.


1986  1986  This year marked our twenty-fifth year since graduation and this reunion was held at the Old English Inn. There was an informal greet and visit affair on Friday night and a classmate coffee the next morning. Saturday night witnessed a buffet dinner followed by music and more visitations. The class picture was of 52 classmates.


1996  1996  Our thirty-fifth reunion was held at the Old English Inn.


2011  2010  Planning began in August  for our next reunion which is scheduled for early June.