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Today’s Tigrett Middle School and Madison High School

Yesterday’s Tigrett Junior High and Jackson High School

Those of you who went to Tigrett in 1958, the first year the school was open, will remember a brand new school located on Westwood Ave.  After we graduated from Tigrett we, along with classmates from the old junior high, went to Jackson High School on Allen Street.


I had occasion to visit both schools last week and spent some time roaming the halls and remembering how it used to be.  Below are my thoughts and reflections on the new changes.


 Tigrett Middle School Grades 6 thru 8

Arriving at the school, my first impression was that it has changed very little, except that Pepper Bray’s big black, complete with fender skirts, Chevy was not parked in the parking lot.  The front door still leads to the open area that now has a desk, sofa, and a few comfortable chairs. Directly across is the office which is just as I remembered it. The display case just across from the main door, where they used to keep items from Tigrett Industries—Yogi Bird and play pens, now only has items relating to Tigrett.


The main library entrance now has nice deep red chairs and a sofa just as you enter. It is very warm and inviting.  The tables that we remember are gone and replaced by round tables and chairs. The area has been made smaller with former library space being used for an office, two classrooms, and a computer area with 30 computers for student use. I assume there is no such thing now as a study hall period.  They still have current magazines in racks.


The hall leading to the auditorium is still the same; the only big differences I saw were a few students sitting outside some of the rooms—guess they were being disruptive.  The auditorium is still the same.


The hall to the right of the main entrance is still the same. Mrs. Rush’s civic classroom and Maggie Jo Graves English classroom still look the same. The other halls, down by Mr. Jone’s science classroom is still just like it used to be.


The cafterial is the same with the same serving set up—but they now seem to use partitioned trays instead of bowls and plates.  The gym has not changed other than a big sign that reads Thunderbolts instead of Rebels.


The big difference is seeing so many computers in use and so many self study programs for the students to use. 


  Madison Academic High School Grades 9-12   formerly JHS


The drive to the front door and most of the outside of the building look the same. Of course the old gym has been replaced and in back, where the smoker’s union was located, is now cluttered with left over building supplies.


Walking thru the front door is different; the office is to the left and not down the left hall.  The auditorium brings back lots of memories—it’s still the same with the words of wisdom over the left and right stage entrances.  I did not remember what they said but just seeing the words brought back memories.  I guess everyone read those words when we were there.


Turning to the right from the lobby the classrooms look about the same. The old desks are now replaced with tables and chairs. Mrs. Polk’s English class room is now a biology area.  Stairs that used to lead to the old cafeteria now lead to storage areas.  The hall that used to contain the home economic area is now two class rooms.


Turning to the left from the lobby and walking past the boy’s restroom leads to a chemistry class room that Willie Chandler now uses.  It used to be Mr. Oman’s biology class room.  I met with Mr. Chandler and I told him about Mr. Pechonick and his chemistry class. He pointed out a home made periodic chart on his wall, a large piece of plywood with yellow squares with the elements written in black letters. He asked if Mr. Pechonick made it and asked me to try and find out if he did. If so he wants to put up a sign stating that.


The old chemistry and physics classroom looked different but familiar. I walked back to the new cafeteria but did not linger—strange how that area seemed foreign to me.


Upstairs are the biggest changes, nothing seems the same, except Mr. Ruckivina’s old trig and plane classroom.   


When students changed classes I thought we used to look a little like they do, but I never noticed any whiff of cigarette smoke from the boy’s restroom.


Hopefully some of you can remember more.


Don Whitmire

Emma Inman Williams -


Most of our class had Miss Williams as our American History teacher our senior year. 


One of our homework assignments was to draw a map of the 13 original colonies, and depict the colonies and a few facts about each.  I took great pains to create a very good map and colored each colony with a different color.  Don Whitmire and Jerry Black were so impressed they offered me $1.00 each to draw theirs so they too would have a good document to turn in.  (We had Miss Williams at different periods - thus she would not be aware of the duplications.)


When she finished grading the homework Don Whitmire and Jerry Black each received an "A".


Even though I had kept the best document for myself, I was given a grade of "C".  Needless to say I was enriched by $2.00.  Miss Williams often times found tacks in her chair but never figured out who placed them there.   I plead the 5th.


Jerry Bishop


Norman Bell


In high school several of the boys would go to the Y to play basketball and swim during the winter months.  Norman Bell would sometimes go there to shower and change clothes.   I remember on one occasion Norman was taking a shower and we had learned how to turn the hot water off but leave the COLD water on. 


Picture if you will Norman running out of the shower butt naked cussing and chasing the young pranksters........ahhhh fond memories.


Jerry Bishop


Graduation Night - 1961


Don Whitmire and myself almost missed graduation due to our desire to be RICH ENTREPRENEURS. Our business adventure involved our purchasing 4 cases of beer from a carhop at Jolly Cholly in then Hicksville (across from the Spudnut).   We hid the beer out in the woods somewhere north of Jackson. We had iced the beer down so it would be quite enticing to the graduates that night at a mere cost of $1.00 each.  We figured to net a whopping $40 each after expenses.


As we later discovered, being an entrepreneur involves solving unforseen problems. The one problem we had not counted on was going to the woods to load our inventory and then Don's car would not start.  Here we are in the middle of nowhere with a trunk full of cold beer and we're supposed to graduate within an hour.  Don fiddled with the car and  finally got it started and sped to school for graduation.  The class was lined up and starting to march into the auditorium when we arrived. We barely made it. I can't recall if we sold out that night or not. Another close call.


Jerry Bishop




Playing lose when we should have been in Church


Johnny Williams and myself discovered a challenging game we called lose. One of us would lie down in the back seat of the car with our eyes closed while the other drove aimlessly around trying to go to a place where the person in the back seat would be totally lost. One Sunday morning Johnny came to pick me up so we could attend church......Ahhhh, after a brief discussion we decided playing  lose would be more fun that attending church.


Johnny was driving and I was in the back seat lying down with my eyes closed.    I could tell we were out in the country going over a gravel road.   Johnny slowed down and turned into an unpaved road.    It was summer and we had the windows down.  I had my legs hanging out the window as Johnny slowly continued on.   Shortly thereafter tree limbs were bumping against my legs. Johnny stopped the car and basically said, "Now see if you can find your way out of here."


We were in the middle of the woods.   I started backing out and getting the car turned around when we saw a uniformed sheriff's deputy and a farmer walking towards us. The deputy wanted to know what we were doing there on private property. We both had on our Sunday clothes. The deputy insisted on looking in the trunk and the back seat. We heard the farmer telling the deputy he saw a body in the back seat and we obviously were going to the woods to dump it. 


After explaining the game of lose, we finally convinced the deputy that we had not dumped a body, but was merely skipping church to play a game. We were instructed by the deputy to get our butts off the farmer's property and to find another way of amusing ourselves.    I don't think I've played lose since then.


Jerry Bishop




Summer Trip 

The summer I graduated from High School, there were a group of friends that wanted to go to Daytona Beach together.  We could only find one parent to drive us down and we needed two cars and two parents.  I finally talked Mother into taking us and then I had to persuade Daddy � another whole ballgame.  He actually had me do a cost estimate of the trip on paper and make a presentation to him.  When I had the figures together and showed him, his comment was that I had forgotten to add in the wear and tear on the tires!!!  It was fun having a mathematician for a father!!!  We did actually get to go. Above is a photo of the group on the beach in Daytona Beach and  below is the key linking people with names.



1)      Maudie Marlin 2) Sally Marlin 3) Barbara Hinton 4) Bitsy Wyatt 5) Jo Wood 6) Saundra Lancaster 9) Linda Scott 10) Brenda Evans 11) Carolyn Meeks.


Notice the cars in the background.  This was a FUN trip.  We made a pack though � no memories shared from this trip!!!!!  Lot of line dancing on the pier is all I am going to say!!!!


Maudie Marlin Kite-Powell




More Memories from Jackson - Jerry Bishop


                      WATER BALLOONS & IKE CASTELAW


One afternoon our senior year, Mr. Standley requested Don Whitmire and myself come to his office.   Ike Castelaw, the juvenile officer of the Jackson Police Department, would like to see us at his office immediately after school that day.    We were instructed to bring Libby Cash and Johnny Williams with us to Ike’s office.   Mr. Stanley did not say why Ike wanted to see us, but we had a pretty good idea.


The four of us made a pack.......DENY, DENY, DENY.     We certainly would not participate in throwing water balloons at unsuspecting people walking the streets of Jackson.  We met with Ike that afternoon and upon hearing the accusation, we all stuck to our story.    Ike told us to think about it, go home and bring our parents back so they too might hear the story.


Upon leaving Ike’s office, we again reviewed our pack......DENY, DENY, DENY.  


We went back to Ike’s office with our parents.    The four of us were sitting in the front row of an empty court room.   Our parents were behind us.    Ike presented the case.......we were being accused of throwing water balloons at people of a different race.    Also, someone had gotten my license number.

Ike went down the row, starting with me:


Jerry - Do you know anything about this??   No Sir.   It wasn’t us.

Don - Do you know anything about this??  No Sir.  We didn’t do it.

Libby - How about you.  Do you know anything about this??  No sir.

Johnny - Do you know anything about this??


Suddenly the pack was broken.   Johnny replied, “Yes sir, it was us.   And we also threw some water balloons in Humboldt a couple of weeks ago. 


Ike let us off with a good tongue lashing and we all agreed to discontinue

our water balloon escapades.



Above memories continued….Don Whitmire


Since I was a participant to the above I will add what I remember.


As soon as Johnny broke the vow of “Deny” his dad, who was right behind us, exclaimed, “That’s right Johnny, tell the truth!”  In two seconds my heart went from confident, secure, and all knowing, to a feeling of impending doom. I could not see the reaction of my mother but I really felt it, maybe it was the combined feelings of wrath from Jerry’s and Libby’s mothers as well, I can only guess.


 I knew then that home life would be very different for a few weeks. I looked at Jerry, then at Libby; they both looked like I felt.  The smirk of victory on Ike’s face was unforgettable.  I bet he did not have these outcomes often in his area.  Our mothers were not so concerned with our efforts to help in the sanitary efforts towards our local citizenry but they were very concerned in our approach to being honest and above board. Looking back, I think we all learned something from that experience. 





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