Jackson High School

Class of 1961


55th Reunion

June 3rd & 4th, 2016

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Don't Be Surprised If Somewhere, Sometime, Someone Walks Up To You And Says "Smile, You're On Candid Camera!"
Don't be surprised if sometime, somewhere, someone walks up to you and says, "Smile, you're on candid camera!"
James Green
Tomme Booth, Dick Norton, Regina Ray Pickens
Kerry Reeder, Becky Clanton Ward, Jimmy Ward, Linda Scott Cody
Charles Seward
Don Whitmire & Barbara Hinton Farmer
Martha Markham Morris
Jere Jennings, Jo Wood Butler, Maudie Marlin Kite-Powell, Charles Seward
Gwen Davis Ricketts & Jerry Bishop
Gwen Davis Ricketts, Jerry Bishop & Dee Smith Rust
Maudie Marlin Kite-Powell
Barbara Hinton Farmer & David Martindale
Jerry Bishop & Dee Smith Rust
Barbara Hinton Farmer
Jere Jennings & Jo Wood Butler
Martha Markham & Don Whitmire
Judy Spencer Thornhill, Virginia Boyd Hudson, Linda Scott Cody, Saundra Lancaster Gamble, Becky Web Wilson
Don Whitmire, Barbar Hinton Farmer, David Martindale & Martha Markham
Dee Smith Rust, Jere Jennings, Jo Wood Butler, Maudie Marlin Kite-Powell, Charles Seward
Lucy Kerr Levitan, Dick Bruer
Judy Spencer Thornhill & Don Leggett
Jerry House, Johnny Williams
Jerry House
Don Whitmire, Jere Jennings
Betty Ferree Powers
Ted Haynes & Buzzy Patterson
Jeanie McGee Todd & Judith Newsom Albino
Regina Ray Pickens, Susan Jackson Harwood
Lynne & David Martindale
Barbara Hinton Farmer
Vonnie Allen & Jeanie McGee Todd
Don Whitmire, Linda McGee Clayton, Brooks Clayton
Guilford Jones
Jerry Bishop
Susan Jackson Harwood
Carolyn Meeks Brindley, Bobby Brasfield, Mike Meeks
Sally Robinson Sboray
Becky Clanton Ward & Jimmy Ward
Tomme Booth
Regina Ray Pickens & Jeanie Todd McGee
David Martindale & Susan Jackson Harwood
Pat Stewart, Jim Zumwalt
Brenda Rogers Rieffel & Peggy Killough
Buzzy Patterson, Winston Woodard & Jimmy Arnold
Johnny Williams & Barbara Hinton Farmer
Bobby Eason & Bruce Herron
Jim Zumwalt
Peggy Killough & Don Leggett
James Green, Linda Page Patterson, Brenda Rogers Rieffel
Bobby Brasfield, Barbara Hinton Farmer, Judy Wilson Haggard, Sandra Sykes Mott, Judy Spencer Thornhill
Martha Markham Morris, Bobby Eason
Susan Jackson Harwood & Pat Stewart
Geraldine Johnson Webster, Ted Haynes
Becky Webb Wilson
Bruce Herron & Becky Webb Wilson
Lanny Puckett & Johnny Williams
Barbara Hinton Farmer
Bobby Brasfield & Bailey Patterson
Jim Zumwalt & John Petty
Johnny Williams, Dee Smith Rust, Bruce Herron & Becky Webb Wison
Judy Spencer Thornhill, Geraldine Johnson Webster, May Louise Tisdale Zumwalt
Ann Dowling Collins, Gloria Grissom & Linda Page Patterson
Billy Allen, Sandra Sykes Mott, Danny Anderson, Dwight Burgess, Don Whitmire & Judy Wilson Haggard
Christa Tarpley Winslow, Bobbie Sisson Rouse, Regina Ray Pickens
Judy Spencer Thronhill & Betty Ferree Powers
Peggy Killough & Jimmy Arnold
James Green, Karen Thomas Creech, Jere Jennings, David Martindale, Jimmy Akin
Brenda Rogers Rieffel
Jim Matthews, Brenda Rogers Rieffel
Becky Webb Wilson & Pat Stewart
Becky Webb Wilson, Pat Stewart
Dee Smith Rust, Chrystal Bynum, Alta Feeman & Margaret Shelton
Regina Ray Pickens, Sandra Sykes Mott, Judy Wilson Haggard, Jerry Bishop
Becky Clanton Ward, Lynne Martindale, David Martindale
Bill Way, Barbara Hinton Farmer, Judy Engle Herron, Bruce Herron & Jeanie McGee
Judy Engle Herron, Barbara Hinton Farmer & Bruce Herron
Bruce Herron, Dick Norton & Barbara Hinton Farmer
Bill Way & Barbara Hinton Farmer
James Green, Don Whitmire, Dick Norton, , Jim Matthews
A special thanks to Billy Rodgers for furnishing the photos on this page.