Jackson High School

Class of 1961


55th Reunion

June 3rd & 4th, 2016

Winston & Sue Woodard
Sally & Dick Bruer
David Barton
David and Rita Barton Celebrating 53 Years of Conjugal Bliss With Classmates at Joe's Crab Shack
Sandra & David Jones
Jane and Jerry Bishop
Judy & Jere Jennings
Charles & Jean Seward
Winston & Sue
Classmates Awaiting Show
For the First Time In Pigeon Forge Reunion History One of the Newlyweds Led a Nature Hike Down Porter's Creek Trail
Jane Bishop (Jerry must have been afraid of bears)
Trail Guide Rita & Sally Bruer
Sally Bruer Crossing the Bridge
For The Botanically Inclined Classmates: Lady's Slipper
Dwarf Gensing
Jack in the Pulpit
Little Brown Jug
Solomon's Seal
The Real Reason That The Men Didn't Go On the Nature Hike