Jackson High School

Class of 1961


55th Reunion

June 3rd & 4th, 2016

David & Rita Barton
Charles & Jean Seward
Sally & Dick Bruer
Paul & Anne Dearing
Albert & Sandra Hearn
Brenda Rieffel & Patti Dallas
Paul, Judy, Anne, Sally, Dick, Peggy, Al gathering in the Inn on the River lobby
Peggy Killough
Albert Hearn has just presented Jerry his T shirt
Jerry Bishop, the man and the legend
Understudy, Winston Woodard
Winston, Peggy & Patti (family notebook pictures)
Connie & Jimmy Arnold
Calhoun's Restaurant, Jerry introduces Winston
Calhoun's: Rita,Jimmy, Connie, Sue, Winston, Charles, Jean, Judy, Jere & David
Calhoun's: Jerry, Jane, Sally, Dick, Maelene, Peggy, Brenda, Patti, Sandra, Albert
Jane & Jerry
A nightly sack of hotel popcorn is a tasty perk, Sally Bruer
Group exploring "The Island": Dick,Maelene,Sue,Sally,Winston,Jane,Jerry,Connie & Jimmy
Winston & Jerry buying tickets for "The Wheel"
Connie & Jimmy Arnold
Sally & Dick loading in
Jane, Jerry & Sally
Gondola 1: Jimmy, Connie, Winston & Sue Gondola 2: Dick, Sally, Jerry & Jane
Calamity Jane Bishop demonstrating her fancy six-gun skills
One shot, one kill!
Maelene & Bill
Maelene & Winston
The Wheel,focus point of the Island at Pigeon Forge
BB riding on the kiddie wheel
Applebarn Restaurant; Jean & Charles Seward, Connie & Jimmy Arnold, Maelene Barnes, Judy & Jere Jennings
Dick & Sally Bruer
Patti Dallas & Peggy Killough
Patti, Peggy & Brenda Rieffel
Winston, Jane, Sue & Jerry
Al & Sandra Hearn
Judy & Jere Jennings
Rita & David Barton
The Country Tonight Show
Grandpa Tell Me Bout the Good Old Days