Jackson High School

Class of 1961


55th Reunion

June 3rd & 4th, 2016

Brenda, Peggy, Anne, David & Rita @ The Inn on the River
Anne, Paul, Peggy, Jerry, Rita @ The Inn on the River
Peggy Killough, Jerry Bishop & Brenda Rieffel @ The Inn on the River
Jerry Bishop @ Alamo Steak House
Patti Dallas & Brenda Rieffel @ Alamo Steak House
Peggy Killough @ Alamo Steak House
Anne (Betty) Dearing & Paul
Connie and Jimmy Arnold @ Alamo Steak House
Sue and Winston Woodard @ Alamo Steak House
Jerry and Jane Bishop @ Alamo Steak House
Mary Ann & Don Leggett @ Alamo Steak House
David and Rita (Howard) Barton @ Alamo Steak House
One of several bears seen by various classmates
Maelene Barnes
Mary Ann and Don Leggett @ Partridge and Pear
Jerry Bishop
Peggy, Patti, Brenda (tres senoras muy bonitas)
Peggy Killough, Patti Dallas & Brenda Rieffel
We took the ride back to the '60's with Nate Evans and the Temptations Revue
Bill, Peggy, Rita, Anne, Brenda with "The Temptations"
Temptations Revue with the group at the Nate Evans Theater
Kneeling: Bill, Peggy 1st. Row: Mary Ann, Connie, Sue, Anne, Rita, Brenda 2nd Row: Don, Jimmy, Winston, Jerry, David, Paul
Patti (Rieffel) Dallas, Brenda (Rogers) Rieffel & Jerry Bishop @ The Inn on the River
David & Rita (Howard) Barton