Jackson High School

Class of 1961


55th Reunion

June 3rd & 4th, 2016

Winston Woodard, Winston's brother, Bruce and sister-in-law, Don Whitmire
Sue and Winston Woodard
Libby's finger, Paul and Anne Betty Dearing, Albert Hearn, Ginger Whitmire, Sandra Hearn, Jerry Bishop, Winston's brother
Jere Jennings, Libby Cash, Winston Woodard
Don Whitmire, Peggy Killough, Libby Cash in Smith Family Theater Lobby
Billy Browder aka Brian Stacy aka T. G. Sheppard
T. G. Sheppard
Smith Family Theater Backup Singers
No animals were harmed in outfitting the ladies!
Jerry Bishop, T. G.
Libby, Jerry, T, G.
Jerry Bishop, T. G. Sheppard, Jane Bishop
Maelene Barnes, T. G.
T. G., Winston and Sue Woodard
Sue, T.G., Winston
Jerry Bishop, Kelly Lang
Kelly Lang (T.G.'s wife), T.G., Winston Woodard
Jere Jennings, T. G., Judy Jennings
Jere, T.G., Judy
Peggy Killough, T. G., Brenda Rogers Rieffel
Jere Jennings, Libby Cash, Kelly Lang
Jere, Libby, Kelly, Jerry
Judy Jennings, Maelene Barnes, Ann and Libby Cash, Jere Jennings
Anne Betty Dearing and Paul Dearing
Sandra Hearn, Sue Woodard
Jere,Jerry, Brenda, Ginger, Don, Peggy, Sue, Winson
After the show in the lobby of The Inn on the River
Jerry and Jane Bishop, Judy Jennings at complementary breakfast
Maelene and Bill Barnes
Maelene Barnes, Judy Jennings, Jane Bishop
Peggy Killough, Brenda Rogers Rieffel, Maelene Barnes, Judy Jennings, Patti Rieffel Dallas (Brenda's daughter), Jane Bishop
Peggy, Brenda, Maelene
Patti Dallas, Jane Bishop
Patti, Jane
Shopping and people watching in Gatlinburg
In every group this size there are at least four with some minor eccentricities
Andrea (granddaughter) and Sandra Hearn