Jackson High School

Class of 1961


50th Reunion

June 3rd & 4th, 2011

Jerry Bishop, Master Cat Herder and Sometimes Class Valedictorian @ Harpoon Harry's Crab Shack, The Official Opening Ceremony.
Clockwise: Peggy, Brenda, Kerry, Janet, Kinnie, Mary Ann, Don, Jim, Joyce is hidden, Bill, Maelene, Jane, Jerry
Clockwise: Michael, Donna, Dick, Sally, Bruce, Amanda is hidden, Winston, Sue, Connie, Jimmy, Judy, Jere
Margaritaville Cornhole Maven, Maelene
Jim, Jerry & Sally enjoying the shade on the Island
Sue, Dick, Winston, Jane & Joyce
Perusing the Margaritaville menu: Jimmy, Jerry, Jere, Judy, Maelene, Janet, Kinnie, & Jim
Jim, Jimmy, Connie, Dick, Sally, Sue, Winston, Kerry, Jerry & Jane
Wasting Away Juice
BB at the Island
Maelene at the Island
Monday evening Paul and Anne Dearing and James &Judy Green join the group at Calhoun's
Jim Bishop opines on Calhoun BBQ: It's not Jack's Creek.
We're glad Michael and Donna joined us this session
Maelene & Peggy
Anne & Paul
Judy, Donna, James, Don & Jimmy
Peggy & James: Two ex-school teachers discuss squirrel cleaning techniques ????
Brenda, Sue, Winston & Paul in one of the nightly after dinner gab sessions in The Inn on The River lobby
Jimmy has Larry Griffith in California on the phone confirming his road management of Frank Zappa and Foreigner from back in the day.
Brenda bids Anne and Paul a good night
Don & Mary Ann. Somebody blinked.
Tuesday Afternoon at The Tribute Theater: Show opener
A Tribute to Patsy Cline
Another great photo op muffed by an over eager paparazzo. Please forgive me, I'm sorry about this one, Peggy.
Tuesday Dinner @ Holston's in Sevierville
Rita and David joined us at Holstons
Back to the Inn On The River for Sally Bruer's surprise birthday party. Winston presents the cake.
Make a Wish, Sally!
Sue, Sally, Dick & Jere
Eagerly awaiting a slice of Sally's cake, just like we haven't been stuffing ourselves over the last three days
Jerry, Jim & Winston
Judy J., Judy G. & James
Judy & Brenda bragging about their puppies
Jane & Kinnie
Pigeon Forge Graduating Class of Sept 2017